Sisters to be sentenced Tuesday

Two sisters who broke into their aunt’s home and stole several items from her will be sentenced next Tuesday. They were further remanded after reappearing in the District ‘A’ Traffic Court today.

Two weeks ago, Tiffany Nikita Bailey, 24, and Shakira Krystal Bailey, 26, both of #8 Grazettes Court, Grazettes, St Michael admitted breaking into Shanell Smith’s house on May 14 this year and stealing a Bible, a knife, scissors and a cellular phone, valued at $235.


The two sisters went to their aunt’s house and after she invited them inside, they asked for money. Soon after, four men barged into the apartment and Smith was held down by the young women while her apartment was searched.

Defence attorney Oliver Thomas said in court last time that only one man entered the house and not four and that his clients had returned the Bible. Since the prosecutor could not confirm whether the Bible or any other stolen item had been returned, and acting Magistrate Elwood Watts felt it was “material” to find out from the complainant whether there had in fact been four men or one, the matter was adjourned until today.

Smith insisted today “it was four men, sir”. She also said she got back her Bible the same day, after recalling that it had been taken from her house. Questioned by Thomas, Smith said she only invited her two nieces inside her house that morning and “no-one else”. She added that while her nieces had her down, she “could see all around” and she saw four men.

Tiffany Bayley also gave sworn testimony today. Included was the fact that she, her sister, and another man all went to the aunt’s house on May 14 but she alone “take up the Bible. My sister did not do nothing, sir”, she insisted.

Tiffany said she took the Bible, “read it and give her back”.

Questioned by Watts, she did not recall anyone taking a cellular phone, knife or scissors, or $15 from her aunt’s place. Asked why she never disputed the facts which were read by the prosecutor in relation to those items, Tiffany said she did not understand at the time.

Watts however determined that the “court accepts the complainant’s version [of events] that there were four men who came in the house behind the two sisters.

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