Five years late

Marshall inquires about 2009 warrant of arrest

COURT TODAY BLOCKEven though he was five years late, Dwayne Allister Marshall came to the District ‘D’ Magistrates’ Court today to find out what was going on with his case.

Marshall, of 1st Avenue Gills Gap, Eagle Hall, St Michael, is accused of assaulting Tamisha Griffith on January 29, 2009. The 34-year-old steel-bender came to the District ‘D’ Magistrates Court voluntarily, in relation to a 2009 warrant of arrest which was issued for him, for non-appearance at court.

“Where were you since 2009?” asked Magistrate Ian Weekes.

“I was incarcerated since 2009,” Marshall said.

“When in 2009?”

“I went to court before Magistrate Frederick and had to compensate the woman and I paid a fine. He told me to keep from around her . . . ”

Magistrate Weekes intervened and tried to tell Marshall that the warrant related to an alleged assault on Tamisha Griffith. The accused man replied:

“Oh, I have four matters, Sir . . . but I was incarcerated and you know I can’t open the gates and come out. I come here generously Sir, not to tell no lies . . . ”

“Stop talking. You all young people talk too much. Try and process what is going on,” Weekes advised.

“This warrant was issued because you did not appear in October 2010. You are using the excuse that you were in prison. Since you failed to appear then, we have to know what period you were incarcerated.”

“On October 13, I was charged and incarcerated for serious bodily harm,” replied Marshall, going on to say that he was remanded for “three months and three weeks”. He also agreed with the court that by January he was out of prison.

“So what year are we in now, Sir?” the Magistrate asked.

Marshall explained that since he was incarcerated, he never knew his new court date nor had he ever checked back with the court.

“Did you call your lawyer at any point to ask about the case?” Weekes asked.

“No, because when I was in jail, I hear that the Magistrates get change around,” Marshall pointed out.

“What does the transfer of Magistrates have to do with your appearance at court in 2011, 2012, 2013 or 2014? I am getting tired of you all coming in here as illogical as ever . . . ,” Weekes stressed.

“But don’t forget I get 18 months from Magistrate Deborah Holder too,” Marshall replied.

Magistrate Weekes then chided Marshall for not informing the court that he was imprisoned and seeing after his business. He then withdrew the warrant and adjourned Marshall’s matter until October 20.

“Go along before you end up confusing me,” Weekes concluded.

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