King sent for observation


The speech and mannerisms of a 61-year-old accused man prompted Magistrate Douglas Frederick to send him to the Psychiatric Hospital for observation.

Charles Aubruy King, of Passage Road, St Michael, was in court on a charge of assaulting Gloria Payne and occasioning her actual bodily harm. Last month, he went before another Magistrate and was remanded until today.

When Magistrate Frederick suggested an evaluation, King replied: “No Sir, no sir, no sir . . . ”

He stuttered: “I was remanded to Glendairy to come down today. My bail was withheld because they felt that I would go back out and commit the same offence.”

When the magistrate tried to address King, the accused answered: “Sir, I must explain things to you.”

“Your mannerisms tell me I have to find out something more about you. I will send you to the Psychiatric Hospital for them to assess you and send me a report. Then I would know better how to deal with you,” Frederick said.

“So my feelings and everything I could tell them? And they will listen and come back and tell you, sir?” King asked.

“Yes,” replied the Magistrate.

“Your worship, respect sir,” the accused said.

Frederick also encouraged King to try and get visits from family members while he is there so someone can attend court on his behalf next time “so I can get the bigger picture. So step out (of the dock”)

“As your worship pleases,” King ended.

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