Grant brothers return to Dodds

COURT TODAY BLOCKTwo brothers who both had matters before Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant, returned to HMP Dodds today.

While Jabarry Jaziel Grant was at the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court in relation to a charge of robbing Kerry Leffert of $4,370 in items on March 19 this year, his brother, Kemo Avery Grant, was there to be sentenced for robbing Carol-Anne Alleyne of a $1,500 bracelet on June 3, 2013.

The two live at Block 1H Silver Hill Drive, Christ Church.

In the case of Jabarry, his application for bail was denied by Cuffy-Sargeant. He submitted that his co-accused in the matter had been granted bail already, he has a three-year-old child and a diabetic mother.

He also said he is supposed to be on headache medication which he should be getting, along with the fact that he is already on bail on four other matters.

Just over an hour later, his brother – also on remand – entered the courtroom and sat beside him on the bench, where the two chatted quietly.

Kemo later entered the dock. He had changed his plea on a previous occasion and was expected to be sentenced today after the court heard from the complainant.

However, after efforts to reach the complainant proved unsuccessful, the matter was adjourned until August 21.

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