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Man damages vending machine after ‘hearing a voice coming from it’

COURT TODAY BLOCKA middle-aged man who broke into the headquarters of the Barbados Table Tennis Association, stole a bottle of disinfectant and dishwashing liquid, and also damaged a drink machine on the premises, was remanded to the Psychiatric Hospital today.

Michael Decoursey Trotman, 46, of the Corner of Club Morgan, Christ Church pleaded guilty to committing offences between May 18 and 19 this year. The vending machine was the property of Vending Plus Incorporated.

Presenting the facts, police prosecutor Sergeant Theodore McClean told the District ‘A’ Traffic Court that Trotman entered the building after removing a louvre from a window close to the front door.  He then went inside the kitchenette, took up a shovel and damaged the front of the drink machine.

Trotman was looking to find money but got none. He then took the disinfectant and dish washing liquid from a cupboard.

Giving his version of what transpired, Trotman, a gardener, told the court he damaged the machine because he heard a voice coming from it.

Today, he asked the court for help in getting his “head sort out”.

“I just trying to turn around, sir. I don’t like that kind of life, sir,” Trotman told acting Magistrate Elwood Watts.

“So what is going to happen to the people’s buildings when you get your head sorted out?” Watts asked.

“I will see them and leave them, sir.”

Trotman was remanded to the Psychiatric Hospital for the next two weeks for evaluation. He returns to court on August 19.

“Until I hear the people at the Psychiatric Hospital telling me that you are hearing voices, I don’t believe you beat up a machine just because you heard voices coming out of it,” Watts told the offender.

“If they tell me that you are not hearing voices, you will spend some time for the foolishness you’re doing.”

The repeat offender is expected to be sentenced when he returns to court.

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