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Pastor’s prayer for Crop Over

As thousands of Barbadians raise the decibel levels on their enjoyment this weekend, ending Monday in music, dancing and unadulterated joy, one local pastor wants people to enjoy themselves, but to behave themselves, and is praying that the revelry won’t be drunken or indecent.

Reverend David Durant told Barbados TODAY that while people will be consuming alcohol at various events, he hoped they would not overdrink, drive recklessly or engage in unruly behaviour on the island’s roads.

Senator Reverend David Durant

Senator Reverend David Durant

“I know that yes, people will be going out to their festivities, but I hope they do it orderly and not recklessly,” he said.

This notwithstanding, Durant had a different prayer for the festival, calling for a return to praise and thanksgiving and less of the merriment.

“In recent times the wuk up has really been the culture. But my prayer is for a return of some level of responsibility in guarding this festival which was really created to be a festival of thanksgiving and offering praise to God for the crop that is over,” he said.

Durant’s church, Restoration Ministries, has organized a parallel nightly event, the 12th Eagle’s Eye Apostolic Conference, which began earlier tonight and continues through to Monday night.

The conference was conceptualized to coincide with Kadooment weekend to present those who would not participate in the festival with a “spiritual and emotional alternative”.

“They can experience freedom from depression [and] frustration, where their faith can be lifted, the presence of God can be felt in their lives and most of all where the peace of God will fill them with that level of hope and stability,” Durant explained.

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