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More gold for Bim at Special Olympics

Special olympics swimmer wins 25-metre backstroke

Barbados has struck gold once more at this year’s Los Angeles Special Olympics World Games.

Last night swimmer Abbygaile Mayers won the 25-metre backstroke in her division and Tiffany Branch captured first place in her division in the 100-metre run.

Abbygaile Mayers won gold in the 25 metres backstroke.

Abbygaile Mayers won gold in the 25 metres backstroke.

But it did not end there. Sprinter Nikita Maycock copped second place in her division in the 100-metre run. She will add that medal to the gold she won in the previous World Games in Athens, Greece in 2011.

There is still a lot of competition ahead for Barbados athletes at the Special Olympics World Games which end on August 2.

In addition to more chances for medals on the track, on the bocce court and in the pool, the Barbados footballers defeated St Vincent and the Grenadines and will again face Trinidad and Tobago in a grudge match after losing to them earlier in the week. Barbados’ golfers Leander Brathwaite and Desiree’ Hinds continue to make a strong showing as daily scores are tallied.

The medal and ribbon results for Barbados are as follows:

Gold: Tyson Browne, 400 metres, 800 metres; Felicia McLennan, bocce singles; Abbygaile Mayers, aquatics, 25 metres backstroke

Silver: Unified Bocce Team (Felicia McLennan, Patrick Hinds, Nadia McLennan, Rico Wiggins); Nikita Maycock, 100 metres

Bronze: Patrick Hinds, bocce singles; Korey Kellman, 200 metres

4th Place Ribbon: Kofi Cadogan, aquatics, 25 metres backstroke; Jay Tee Brathwaite, aquatics, 50 metres backstroke

5th Place Ribbon: Korey Kellman, 400 metres run; Rosie Murray, 100 metres

6th Place Ribbon: Akintunde Hall, 200 metres

7th Place Ribbon: Jay Tee Brathwaite, aquatics, 50 metres freestyle; Sharnara Cain, 100 metres; Dion Ellyatt, aquatics, 50 metres freestyle

8th Place Ribbon: Akintunde Hall, 400 metres

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