‘My day to celebrate’

too much drinking on birthday lands man before the courts

COURT TODAY BLOCKHaving a drink too many landed Chesterfield Asquith Clarke before the District ‘A’ Traffic Court today.

“Sir, it was my birthday [yesterday] so I was enjoying myself and having a go od time. It was my day so I was celebrating my day.”

That was Clarke’s explanation for causing a disturbance along Bay Street – one of two charges he faced.

When the shoe repairman went before acting Magistrate Elwood Watts, he pleaded guilty to that offence and to assaulting a police sergeant in the execution of his duties.

Sergeant Theodore McClean told the court police responded to a report of a fight at Sol Banyan on Bay Street. When they arrived, 51-year-old Clarke was pointed out as one of the persons involved.

McClean said when the officer spoke to Clarke, he became more and more aggressive, was loud, cursing and began shoving his hand in the lawman’s face.

That behaviour continued even after Clarke was informed that he was committing arrestable offences.

Today, Clarke explained: “I ain’t no smoker. I does drink . . . I respect the law, Sir. When I drink, I might touch them (the police) up.”

The acting magistrate informed Clarke that “I had a birthday earlier this month too, and I enjoyed myself. But you can’t enjoy yourself to the extent that it brings you before the courts”.

When Watts told Clarke to apologize to the policeman, he remarked: “I apologize to he 24/7, right through to 48 hours, Sir.”

The officer confirmed this, adding that Clarke was “definitely under the influence because he is not normally like that”.

Clarke was then fined the maximum $10 under law for the offence of causing a disturbance and warned not to let it happen again.

He was convicted, reprimanded and discharged on the assault charge.

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