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Vehicle overturns in St Thomas

One woman was injured and had to be transported to hospital by ambulance this morning after her car overturned at Content, St Thomas.


Police are yet to release the name of the injured driver, who was the lone occupant in the Toyota Corolla motor car at the time of the accident.



However, she reportedly complained of several pains about the body following the accident, which occurred around 10 a.m., amid slippery road conditions.

The damaged vehicle was removed from the scene by a wrecker.

3 Responses to Vehicle overturns in St Thomas

  1. Deals On Wheels
    Deals On Wheels July 20, 2015 at 11:15 am

    How did she manage to turn over on a flat road without any obsticles? Hope she is okay.

    • Justice for all July 21, 2015 at 7:36 am

      The article said “slippery conditions”||

  2. kathy-ann Clarke July 20, 2015 at 4:51 pm

    I find that people usually speed on that road, not to say that she was doing that. Then there are some bends, that you have to be very careful approaching, just hope she will be fine.


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