Ganja discovered in 23-year-old’s underwear

COURT TODAY BLOCKDario Ramon Austin had a marijuana wrapping for each one of his years.

Austin, 23, of Glebe Land, St George, admitted having 23 wrappings of cannabis when police searched him on July 16, at Haggatt Hall, St Michael. He appeared in the District ‘A’ Traffic Court on Friday.

According to Sergeant Theodore McClean, police were conducting traffic checks in the Haggatt Hall area when they stopped the car in which Austin was travelling in.

When they reached the vehicle, Austin began fidgeting with the front of his pants. The lawmen became suspicious and told him of their observations.

They requested a search and while doing so, found the wrappings in his underwear. Austin then apologized to the police for having the substance.

In court on Friday, he again apologized but to acting Magistrate Elwood Watts. He remarked: “I willing to do community service or pay a fine or something so for the cannabis.”

“You had a lot of wrappings though. What were you doing with 23 wrappings?” Watts questioned.

“I had them to smoke, Sir.”

“I don’t smoke but even if I bought a box of cigarettes, it wouldn’t have in 23,” the acting magistrate remarked.

“It would have in 20,” the accused said.

Asked what he did for a living, Austin said he and two of his cousins were engaged in farming.

Watts then informed the first-time offender that he would be fined $1 500 payable in 60 days, or spend 60 days in jail.

“You are not finding the weed,” Watts stressed. “You’re finding the money to buy it, so you could find $1 500 to pay the court.”

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