One Love one heart, says Lia

On Sunday night, August 2, artistes from all over the world are going to come together at Kensington

Oval and feel all right. After much controversy and discussion over the One Love Show, which will take the place of Cohobblopot, Volume Entertainment vice president Lia Gajadhar told Bajan Vibes in an exclusive interview that all systems were a go.

“The show is quite simply a lot of love. For some reason, there seems to be tension when it comes to Caribbean unity. We just wanted to remind everybody about what we think Caribbean is, which is coming together and celebrating.

Lia Gajadhar.
Lia Gajadhar.

“And One Love embraces that. We want to bring you love and the best, from as many places as possible,” Gajadhar explained.

She admitted knowing there was a bit of a resistance to the show when it was announced initially, but stressed organizers were coming in love and with the best interest of Barbados at heart –– and the Caribbean by extension.

“The response when we launched was very shaky. We had some issues regarding culture, issues regarding the headlining act.

“I love that the discourse in Barbados regarding culture is still alive; we love that people care about culture; we are also excited to speak about Caribbean unity. Caribbean unity does not take away from national identity. In fact it
strengthens it.

“It is through our differences and our similarities that we recognize the one that we are. We are excited about that moving forward,” Gajadhar said.

Along with the headline act Machel Montano she announced an all-star Bajan cast. That list includes RPB, King
, Hypasounds, Lil Rick, Peter Ram, Skinny Fabulous, Shanta Prince, Damien Marvay, Don Trent, Grynner, Edwin Yearwood, Joaquin, Joshua Gay, Nikita, Mikey, and Leadpipe And Saddis.

From St Lucia is Teddyson John; and from Trinidad and Tobago, Farmer Nappy. Timaya from Nigeria will also be in the line-up.

Volume Entertainment will also be presenting a One Love Band, including Mahalia, Philip 7 and Rhesa Garnes, and the One Love Dancers of over 20 persons.

Gajadhar promised this would be a show to rival all others.

“We’re looking to put on a dynamic spectacle. One Love is the ultimate Crop Over climax. This is that show that if you are wondering what these young people are doing. Buy tickets for your children to enjoy their first fete, and buy tickets for the stands for yourself so you can see what is going on. We guarantee the show will be fantastic,” she assured Bajan Vibes.

Speaking long term, Gajadhar said: “It is One Love’s dream to take the One Love show on the road.”

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  1. Andrew August 4, 2015 at 11:08 pm

    Lia the one love show was to me the show of the season and more…it was a spectacle to behold. Dane and Debbie produced some fine foods for the VIP,performers and supporting acts… They aught to be commended!!! I am actually looking forward to next year’s show as this just cannot be a one-off performance by the man himself…Machel HD by 6….and the supporting acts. They were phenomenal and are deserving of all praise. Your team of workers also did a splendid job and special praise must go to Ziggy,Roberta and Dario…big respect and well done guys!!!


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