‘Escapee’ also accused of stealing from Methodist church

COURT TODAY BLOCKAndrew Tyrone Trotman appeared before a Bridgetown magistrate yesterday facing two charges – one
for sacrilege and the other for escaping legal custody.

The Haynes Hill, St John resident, who denied both offences, was remanded to HMP Dodds.

He is accused of entering the James Street Methodist Church on July 12 and stealing several tools, including a power saw, drill, angle grinder, router, hammer and a tin of paint to the tune of $1 895 altogether.

The second charge is that he escaped lawful custody from the District ‘A’ Police Station without using force,
on July 13.

When Trotman went before acting Magistrate Elwood Watts, he was not required to plead to both indictable charges.

In objecting to bail for the accused, Station Sergeant Neville Watson said he feared that if Trotman were released, further allegations would arise.

The prosecutor added that the accused would very likely not show up for trial, given that there is already a second charge where “only a few days ago he [allegedly] escaped lawful custody” along with the possible penalty for sacrilege, which is life imprisonment.

He was further concerned about the protection of society. When he referred to Trotman’s antecedents, Watson stated that based on the records dating back to 1992, “29 of those are for burglary”.

When given the chance to speak, Trotman told the court: “The truth, Sir, I am on drugs, Sir. Right now, I hearing things and I would like you to get a little help for me.”

Trotman told the court that the items “were not in the church. I would never break into a church, Sir.”

Acting Magistrate Watts advised him to report any issues to the prison on his arrival so they could record it and
help him.

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  1. Deals On Wheels
    Deals On Wheels July 16, 2015 at 10:13 pm

    So wait he thought that line woulda get him off d hook smh.


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