Fun day for the Church of God

Harrison College grounds was the venue for the recently held New Testament Church of God’s Fun Day.

National Youth Director Stephen Scott explained that the event had been on hold for the past four years but in an effort to cater to “the social development of young people”, the Fun Day was revived.

“We [the National Youth Committee] thought it was a very good way for young people to get together and know one another,” Scott explained.

He also took the opportunity to thank the school for being “very accommodating”.

On July 4, the 44 branches of the New Testament Church of God (NTCOG) were split into four zones, and with all decked in red, blue, green or yellow t-shirts, the events included netball, cricket, football, tug-o-war and ended with a treasure hunt.

Tug-o-war formed part of the activities.
Tug-o-war formed part of the activities.

July is celebrated as Youth Month within the NTCOG. 

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