Child ‘acting out’ following assault

COURT TODAY BLOCKThe primary school student, who was cuffed in his face by an adult on June 12, is now “acting out” at home and is afraid.

The boy’s mother addressed Magistrate Douglas Frederick in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court today. She told the court that her son still has puffiness and is behaving differently toward his siblings.

The boy, who attends a City school, was in an incident with a classmate earlier this month, where the two students were reportedly hitting each other during break that day.

When Tyrone Selvin Stanton went to collect his daughter after school, she complained to him that the boy had hit her. Stanton told  her to “hit him back”, which the girl did. The boy hit the girl back, after which the man cuffed him in the face, causing swelling to the left eye.

Stanton, 50, who lives at Kensington New Road, St Michael, pleaded guilty on Wednesday, after which Magistrate Frederick reprimanded him for his actions. Stanton also apologized to the court and stated that he has been very disturbed since hitting the child. The case was then adjourned until today.

Stanton apologized again in court today, but this time to the boy’s mother. After hearing the mother today, the court advised her to have the child checked out both physically and psychologically and return to the court on August 10, when compensation is very likely to be considered.

Stanton, meanwhile, continues on $3 000 bail.

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