Man pleads guilty to ‘cuffing’ student in face

COURT TODAY BLOCKAfter chastising a father for cuffing one of his daughter’s classmates in his face on June 12 this year, Magistrate Douglas Frederick will determine the man’s fate by Friday.

Tyrone Selvin Stanton, 50, of Kensington New Road, St Michael pleaded guilty in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court today to assaulting primary school student Jadian Grant, occasioning him actual bodily harm.

Sergeant Martin Rock told the court that Stanton’s daughter and Grant, who are classmates, were hitting each other during break that day. When Stanton went to collect the girl at 3 p.m., she complained that Grant had hit her.

Stanton instructed her to “hit him back”, which the girl did. Grant hit the girl back and it was then that Stanton cuffed the boy in his face, causing swelling to his left eye.

Grant’s stepfather who was present saw what happened. He took Grant home and told his mother of the incident.

Stanton later turned himself in to police.

Questioned about his involvement in the incident, Stanton said he had no explanation for what happened that day. “Everything happened so fast,” the security guard said.

“Since this thing happened, I have not been able to sleep well or eat well,” he admitted.

“You shouldn’t. You got into something which you should not have,” replied Magistrate Frederick.

“You are an adult. You are what they call a big hard-back man. What were you doing getting into something like this and hitting a Class 4 child?”

“Apart from that, what are you teaching your daughter? You are teaching her violence,” the Magistrate pointed out.

“Sir, it caused me great pain,” Stanton replied. “This is the first time I assaulted anyone. I am not a violent person.”

Magistrate Frederick considered the matter to be a very sensitive one, which needed closure. He added that things could have ended differently and Stanton himself could have been nursing serious injuries.

The Magistrate granted $3 000 bail. All the relevant parties are expected to be at court come Friday.

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