City Fest low-keyed

The ‘Sweet Traditions’ band was one of the few highlights of yesterday’s City Fest event

Broad Street was transformed into all things Crop Over yesterday when the second annual City Fest and Ceremonial Delivery of the Last Canes came off.

Affected somewhat by scattered showers in the initial stages, many Saturday shoppers and curious onlookers lined the street to get a glimpse of the day’s proceedings.

The models, stilt walkers, dancers and many more filled the street signaling the start of the sweetest summer festival.

Darius Greenidge and Comet the donkey were also a hit

One of the few highlights on the day was the section “Sweet Traditions” which featured characters from the past like the ‘Mauby woman’, cane cutters, ‘Mother Sallies’ and the Barbados Land Ship.

It was also a special day for craft vendor Marva Ward, who has been an exhibitor in Crop Over for 33 years. Her work was acknowledged and celebrated.

Wayne Smith was also acknowledged for support services as a technical officer with the National Cultural Foundation for 15 years.

Hundreds of spectators converged in Heroes Square to witness the spectacle

King and Queen of the Crop Grantley Hurley and Judy Cumberbatch were treated as royalty as usual, being driven in the cars reserved for the 2015 Sweet Soca and Party Monarchs.

Check out our Monday edition for a full review on the event. (DB/RT)

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  1. Michele King
    Michele King June 29, 2015 at 8:54 am

    was a bit annoying as well with 12,000 trying to get to and from Kensington with Bridgetown CLOSED!!! what were they thinking!!!


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