Don’t limit yourself

When popular radio deejay Anthony “The Admiral” Nelson was a student at the St Patrick’s Roman Catholic School, he had plans of becoming everything other than what he turned out to be.

Guest speaker Admiral Nelson.
Guest speaker Admiral Nelson.

“I wanted to be a pilot, a US marine, a fireman, I wanted to be everything you could possibly think of . . .” he told those attending the private school’s graduation ceremony, held at the St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cathedral yesterday evening.

Nelson, who left the school over 40 years ago, therefore cautioned the 16 members of the 2015 Graduating Class not to limit themselves, even if they thought they had already decided on their career path.

“You may have in mind what you want to do now,” he said. However, “do anything that comes your way” in terms of academics and other developmental activities, he advised.

The well-known radio personality also urged the students to make wise use of “the biggest learning platform ever made – the Internet”, as well as to utilize non-traditional study methods.

“Don’t just read,” he said, while recalling the experiences of one girl, who he said had struggled to retain what she was taught in Biology class.

“She took a dub rhythm and she rehearsed everything,” the popular radio deejay pointed out.

“That helped her to learn everything she needed to know for that exam,” he added.

Nelson also told the primary school graduates, who are about to embark on a new journey through secondary school: “You have to depend on you and the God you serve to guide you on a daily basis.

“Go in your quiet zone and say a little prayer,” he suggested.

And while the road to destruction may seem like the “easiest and the sweetest” one to take, he warned them that “prison is not easy. . . [and] you don’t want to try it”.

Sharing his strategy for conflict resolution, Nelson said, “I learnt the concept of forgetting.”

“I forget by the minute, so if there’s a problem . . . my way is to put it aside and move on.”

He also advised the Catholic students to turn their problems over to God.

“You already have a personal relationship with God,” because no matter what you do God don’t tell nobody.

“He is particularly kind to children [for] he knows that you would make mistakes,” he said.

Nelson urged them to build up a solid wall of self-confidence.

“ . . . your foundation is so strong that when you’re pushed all you do is stumble. Life is about being truthful,
“if the colour is red it is red, it is not maroon,” he said.

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  1. Sonia Romain
    Sonia Romain June 26, 2015 at 2:38 pm

    Well said admiral. The St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic School to the world.


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