Marvay’s Aim Is The Very Top

They want to challenge me . . . .

This catchy line from new soca artist Damien Marvay’s Survive The Weekend must have been on the tip of your tongue at some point this season –– and with good reason.

The song Survive The Weekend, produced by De Red Boyz, is one of the more popular ones this season, landing Marvay a place in the Sweet Soca Semi-Finals.

Damien Marvay, new Sweet Soca semi-finalist.
Damien Marvay, new Sweet Soca semi-finalist.

“This is my first time putting out something of real value in the world,” he told Bajan Vibes.

His very first time on the big stage, Marvay is looking forward to hearing the Sweet Soca crowd singing along to his song.

“. . . . A very large stage, very many people, all [with] their hands in the air. I also envision them all singing word for word, every verse, every pre-hook, every hook, every bridge of my song, while I have the mic holding out to them,” he envisaged proudly.

Marvay revealed that one of his greatest inspirations was the energy god Machel Montano, and that he took many a pointer from him by just observing.

“He’s king! He is the Michael Jackson of soca. If I could get a piece of energy this man has, I would be very humbled,” he said.

But make no mistake; Marvay is no stranger to the entertainment industry. He has been working with and writing for some “big guns” for quite some time now.

“I have worked alongside artistes like Farmer Nappy, Imani,” he stated.

Though describing the music industry as “a hard slog”, Marvay acknowledged “the upside to it is that, it makes you stronger. Every time I look back at [entertainment] it is like . . . this is what I want to do, and I’m having fun”.

And the young enytertainer has no intention of stopping until he reaches the top. He compared the pressure of music to that of the Olympics.

“I like it. You’re on the blocks, and no matter what you did yesterday, now is again . . . tonight is now; you never let up,” he said.

Marvay said he intended to stay on top of the music business no matter what it took.

“You cannot fail; you have to keep your voice perking; you have to be fit and sparky [because] I like to freestyle; and that stuff keeps you sharp,” he stressed.

Damien Marvay in the recording studio.
Damien Marvay in the recording studio.

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