King Bubba coming to mash up

When he touches down, the whole place will be mashed up, he promises.

King Bubba (@kingbubbafm), who always gives music you can party to, is dancing all the way to the Party Monarch Semi-Finals. While he has been making music for quite sometime, this is his first time ever in competition and he is coming with a difference.

King Bubba is looking forward  to making it all the way  to the Party Monarch Finals at Bushy Park.
King Bubba is looking forward to making it all the way to the Party Monarch Finals at Bushy Park.
When King Bubba touches down  “the whole place mash up”.
When King Bubba touches down
“the whole place mash up”.

“I have already investigated what the competition is about. At the end of the day, I’m just coming to do my best, bring a vibe, and definitely mash up the place. That’s one thing for sure.

“I don’t know about the other artistes; they may be fighting for the trophy. King Bubba coming to mash up Bushy Park,” the 30-year-old producer said.

And not just at the competition. King Bubba is looking to mash up Crop Over and bring the vibes to the people.

Adam 'King Bubba' Elias.
Adam ‘King Bubba’ Elias.

“This Crop Over is all about mashing up every single venue; bringing the hype and excitement everywhere for the people, of course. I did it for the people. Gonna give them the vibe and do my thing. It’s not always about the artiste; it’s about the fans.

“We will be taking soca music to the next level, and, at the same time, doing what I love and living my dream as an artiste and producer,” the Who Drinking Rum singer said.

King Bubba, however, admitted he was committed to making a difference when it came to soca.

“Soca music is what I mostly produce. But it’s not traditional soca, because I always seek after fusions,” he said.

King Bubba said since his first song back in 2006, he new for sure it was where he wanted to be.

“Wukking Up Stink. First song with Gorg and Big Red in 2006. That’s when I first started to see the side of making music. The fun I had while I made the song with Gorg and Big Red, I saw a whole different side of the music that I had not seen before.

“What it takes to build a song, all that fascinated me. I saw it right in front my eyes,” he said.

And he has been making songs ever since. He has grown quite popular over the years and is one of the go-to persons for soca songs now in Barbados. He has worked with the likes of Peter Ram, Gorg, Big Red, Skinny Fabulous, Lil Rick, Bunji Garlin, Machel Montano, Kerwin Dubois, Sherwin Winchester, Sekon Sta, Beenie Man, Konshens, Jah Cure and many more.

King Bubba said one of the songs he produced which he was most proud of was Monster Winer, sung by Lil Rick and Kerwin Dubois.

“The part I was supposed to sing, I didn’t do it; I don’t know why. I was just so happy they were singing my name at the beginning of the song: ‘Bubba make them wine for me’. I saw that as being bigger than being on the track. I wished I did go on it, though, after I saw how big it got,” he said with a laugh.

King Bubba offered many thanks to Lil Rick for helping pave the way to where he was today, and admitted the two now had a strong connection.

King Bubba loves all things soca.
King Bubba loves all things soca.

“A lot of artistes worked with me before Lil Rick, but he was the artiste who gave me my first hit song Work. He gave me his full endorsement; and from then the doors started to open for me . . . . I learnt a lot from him.

“It’s definitely a strong connection. We got very close in the last four years and we are going to continue representing together,” he said thankfully.

King Bubba added: “I can’t forget Peter Ram. He was one of the first to work with me. He was the one who named the studio. We did many remixes. I travelled and deejayed for him. He too paved the way for King Bubba and Platta Studios.”

King Bubba too had some advice for up-and-coming artistes.

“To all musicians and artistes who are not getting where they want to, just keep making music; keep pushing, and eventually something must happen.”

And he is already making songs for next year. For him, it’s no sleep at all.

“I already have stuff that I could release next year that I know could be hits already.”

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