Draughts nationals tourney intensifies

The jockeying in the Barbados Draughts Association’s national tournament intensified on Tuesday as Carson Farley claimed the lead in the Masters division while Carl David, Claytis Pinder and Hascol Trotman emerged joint leaders in the Majors category.

Waldron defeated Jeffrey “Socks” Clarke 2-0, Farley trounced Colin Price 2-0 and Clarke held Jack Francis to two draws at the Barbados Bridge League on Belleville.

Jeffrey Socks Clarke remains in the running despite being defeated 2-0 by Junior Post Waldron.
Jeffrey “Socks” Clarke remains in the running despite being defeated 2-0 by Junior “Post” Waldron.

Farley now has 17 points, Waldron 16 and Clarke 15. A notable upset was Hallam Hope’s 1-0 defeat of the “King of Cross” Darwin Lorde, a slip-up by the latter.

Colin Price has been the only person to claim wins under a new controversial time rule, on this occasion gaining points from the previously unbeaten Kent Layne.

Several players have opted not to claim wins from their opponents on time, having accepted that 30 moves in 20 minutes is not conducive to quality play.

In the Majors class Pinder defeated Andrew “Lion” Harris 1-0, David had two draws and Trotman also drew against Gabriel Crichlow and  Harris as the trio of leaders finished the third round of matches on 15 points apiece.

Danny Gill, the comeback kid, managed to defeat Wynell Neverson, the lone female, 1-0. Stephen King who suffered two three-strokes at the hands of Neverson on Monday, recovered from hospitalisation to defeat Trevor Yearwood 1-0. Oliver Springer also won 1-0 from Michael Sargeant.

The Majors is so competitive that Harris and Matthew Barnett are on 14 points while Crichlow, Everton Wiggins, Gill and Andrew “Yammi” Hunte are on 13.

In the Master’s league Cedric Fields, Richard Grazette and Francis all have 14 points while Price is on 13.

Eight players advance to the next round from both categories.

Source: (Hallam Hope)

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