Rodney is Last Dad Standing

Rodney Griffith received the best Father’s Day gift when he was declared to be the first Last Dad Standing in the recent competition held by CITA Radio last Saturday at the Strike Force Gym.

It was a day of fun and frolic for both competitors and spectators, as dads were tested on their strength, agility, endurance and, most importantly, their daddy skills, such as blowing balloons, fixing children’s puzzles and, most entertainingly, dressing two dolls as they raced against the clock.

It was a hot day, both in temperature and competition, that began on the Barbados Lumber Company Pasture with nine dads standing erect as the National Anthem opened the first ever Last Dad Standing competition. They were like brave soldiers going off to war, but under the careful watch of trainers and coaches –– namely, Lyndon Belgrave, IFBB pro bodybuilder and personal trainer; Ramon “Doddy” Dodson, IFBB pro, of Fitness With Doddy, The Shape-Up Transformation Programme; Matthew Pilgrim, manager and personal trainer; pro competitor Roslyn Vanderpool; and Everton Branch, physique competitor and personal trainer –– all of Summit Pro Bodies.

This group which operates out of Strike Force Gym, owned and operated by David Alleyne, was contacted by CITA Radio chief operating officer Bryant Seabrook, who conceptualized the event, but needed assistance in making it a reality.

With competitors and spectators having been addressed by CITA Radio personality Uncle CJ and Seabrook, the competition was on its way.

It was a joy to see mothers, children and friends cheering and taking pictures as they watched these dads become athletes for the day. Amazing was the length of time it took several dads to complete the children’s wooden puzzles at the end of this first round, some of whom did not even finish the task.

Fixing the puzzle gave several fathers headaches.
Fixing the puzzle gave several fathers headaches.

Randy Jackman, who was the eventual winner, had to be assisted from the course, due to exhaustion.

In this section, the fathers had to accomplish several feats: carry five sand bags each laid across the 50-metre track; then drag a truck tyre for 50 metres, stopping at designated points to execute ten push-ups and ten tricep dips before moving on; following which was the spider crawl, climaxing with the 24-piece wooden puzzle that crippled even the strongest of dads on Saturday.

The second course, designed by Ramon Dodson, pushed the dads even further. This was to be completed in four minutes, the four disciplines to be accomplished being to flip a tractor tyre 25 metres, do ten burpees, roll a barrel full of sand for 25 metres, execute an additional ten burpees, and then run 25 metres, finishing this segment by blowing a balloon to the required size.

Children’s entertainer Wacky Wayne was even on board, creating swords and animals from his colourful balloons, riding and performing stunts on his unicycle, and wheelieing his miniature bicycle to the kids’cheers and laughter. He also made the day of little Azaria Roberts of West Terrace Primary, who was celebrating her tenth birthday by attending the event with her granny.

After these two strenuous segments, only six of the nine competing dads remained. The announced finalists thenset out for Strike Force Gym to take on the challenge of the Last Dad Standing. These were Sherwood Hendricks, Kenneth Alleyne, Shawn Worrell, Rodney Griffith, Dereck Brathwaite and Randy Jackman.

Lyndon Belgrave had designed this section: three sets of clean and dumb-bell press of 20, 25, and 30 pounds, respectively for ten, eight and five reps; 15 sit-ups; 15 push-ups; ten reps of dead lift of 105 pounds; six sets of close-grip chin-ups; and dressing two dolls in the very difficult onesies, hat, and with pacifiers to boot.

Dad Derek Brathwaite lifting weights.
Dad Derek Brathwaite lifting weights.

Strike Force Gym was filled with shouting, encouragement and emotion as these marvellous men took on the challenge –– even those who were not familiar with any type of gym work, or weights of any kind. But that was the intention of the competition: to get regular dads to come out and have a day of fun, while winning wonderful prizes at the end of the day.

Shawn Worrell was third with a time of six minutes, ten seconds; Sherwood Hendericks, second with five minutes, 31 seconds, and sealed with a kiss for one of the dressed toy twins.

Sherwood Hendricks is helped off the field after showing signs of exhaustion.
Sherwood Hendricks is helped off the field after showing signs of exhaustion.
The Last Dad Standing winner Rodney Griffith also won the dressing the baby doll competition.
The Last Dad Standing winner Rodney Griffith also won the dressing the baby doll competition.

Rodney Griffith, with a time of four minutes, 50 seconds, won, becoming the first Last Dad Standing. He walked away with a huge hamper of prizes, including a flat screen TV set.

Several other prizes were to be had by all the athletes, including from Cave Shepherd & Co., Freekz Customs, Sugar Cane Spa, Chefette, Esso Black Rock, Strike Force Gym, Summit Pro Bodies, Fitness With Doddy, 3rd Degree Fitness, C.O. Williams, Fresh Vitamins and LIME.

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