Admiral knocks NCF’s Sweet Soca and Party Monarch criteria

Not happy with it!

That’s how veteran broadcaster and host of the popular Festival Stage programme on CBC TV, Admiral Nelson, has reacted to the list of semifinalists for the Sweet Soca and Party Monarch competitions.

Nelson described the choices as puzzling and asked: ‘What are the people in Barbados really doing?’

He said they were many discrepancies in the competition and sought to explain how.

Admiral Nelson
Admiral Nelson

“I will tell you what I have noticed. Last year, we had a Sweet Soca song winning Party Monarch and this is because I think the guys are manipulating the system. If, for instance, the cut-off point as it is this year is 130 BPMs (beats per minute) for Sweet Soca, anything above that is party. Now that is foolishness. You cannot let
1 BPM determine whether you have a party or ragga song,” Nelson stressed.

He said he had an official BPM counter, so some of the choices in each category were confusing to him.

“I have a programme here that allows me to check it. I do mixes and stuff so I sometimes need to know what my beats per minute are. The Party [Monarch] is supposed to be 130 and above, which I think is so much folly. It’s incredible.”

Feting Mode by Sanctuary would only have qualified by two or three BPMs above the 130, but is more suitable for Sweet Soca than it is for Party. Now here is the folly in this. Look at King Bubba’s Mash upWhen I Touch Down’ that is in Party Monarch [and] is 129 BPMs. How on earth did that get in Party Monarch?

Whole Night by King Bubba is 128 BPMs and yet did not get in Sweet Soca. This is nonsense! These are things that I cannot understand,” he said.

He added: “Hypasounds’ ‘How She Like It’ is a 134 BPMs. So if that’s 134 that is going into Party but at the same time you got Lil Rick doing We Bizness
and that is 156 BMPs. Gym Instructor is 128 BMPs but yet, for whatever reason, was not chosen and Gym Instructor is one of the most popular songs that is
out there.”

This pushed Nelson to pose the question: “How do these guys come up with these beat per minute?”

“I don’t understand it at all. So now what you have is a situation where, the Party Monarch is not clearly defined. It’s easier to define the Sweet Soca because it falls below the 130. This is puzzling, man,” he vented.

Nelson accused the artistes of speeding up songs that were originally written as Sweet Soca, simply to make the cut in the other competition.

Addressing the quality of Party music being released in Barbados, Nelson said the majority of the songs were of poor lyrical content, which did not speak well for the country.

“I find that all the Party songs that have been coming out of Barbados speak to one or two things, ‘hands on the road’, that type of thing or ‘hold up yuh bumpa lemme wine, I gine mash up, I gine mash up, I gine mash up’, and that’s why you see they aren’t many Party songs. Barbadian artistes seem to think that social commentary lyrics are a detriment to a party song.”

3 Responses to NONSENSE!

  1. Patrick Blackman June 23, 2015 at 8:49 am

    Man every year we have this confusion, when will these guys get their act together?

  2. Michael Blair Blenman
    Michael Blair Blenman June 23, 2015 at 3:18 pm

    well if BPM is the criteria that is simple enough , in Trinidads version you submit a CD long before the songs are even popular so it is not a matter of how you sing the song , but how you recorded it …

  3. Tony Waterman June 24, 2015 at 12:33 am

    2015 T&T-Power Soca = 136bpm and over
    2015 Cropover Party Monarch =131bpm and over

    2015 T&T Groovy Soca = 80-135 bpm
    2015 Cropover Sweet Soca =130 bpm

    lets look at something that happened in the 2015 T&T Season, Like a boss(Machel Montano) was Releasd at 134bpm,clearly in the Groovy Soca Category (80-135bpm), but competed in the POWER Soca category, should not have been allowed to, as it was clearly in the Groovy Soca BPM, and was speeded up to compete in the Power category, that was Wrong and against the published rules, but was allowed anyway.
    Admiral!!! I don’t agree with your assertion that 1bpm should not determine whether you have a party or ragga song, because whereever you stop, the next BPM is the start of the next category, unless you put a 1-4 or 5 bpm gap between them.

    King Bubba’s Mash up ‘When I Touch Down’ that is in Party Monarch [and] is 129 BPMs. That is obviously wrong, and i have the sneaky suspicion that they are just listening to the Song and judging it’s category that way, no BPM counter is being used.
    there is FREE BPM counter At

    @Michael Blair Blenman!!!!!!that does not work out in T&T either, as i have mentioned above “Like a Boss” (Machel Montano) was RECORDED originally at 134BPM, but was entered into Power Soca, when at that BPM it should have been in the Groovy Soca category (80-135BPM)

    The problem here is the Administration of Rules at the NCF, these rules seem to be on a yearly sliding scale, that Organisation should be disbanded and reset differently, with people who know what they are really doing.


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