Four injured in Gun Hill accident

Four people were taken to hospital by ambulance following an accident at Gun Hill, St George earlier today.



The injured – whose names were given as Dwayne Payne, Rowhan Waithe, Kareen Jordan and Clyde Corbin – were all passengers in the APV vehicle, driven by 41-year-old Ricardo Kellman of #26 Mangrove Development, St Philip, who escaped unhurt after the vehicle swerved off the road.


All five are employees of CLAJ Inc., a telephone and computer repairs and equipment business located at Cottage Plantation, St George.

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  1. Lirlene Phillips
    Lirlene Phillips June 22, 2015 at 4:15 pm

    With is going on cha

  2. Lirlene Phillips
    Lirlene Phillips June 22, 2015 at 4:16 pm

    What the he’ll is going on

  3. Tony Waterman June 23, 2015 at 3:28 pm

    is it not time that the The Ministry of Transportation and Works (MTW) have a look at the Roads in St.George and ST.Peter, and TRY to come up with a Reason and a REMEDY for what is occouring in those two Sectors of the Country’s Roadways ??? there seems (to me anyway) that there have been over the last few Years, a Disproportionate number of Vehicle Collisions in those two sectors.
    I have noticed in this set of photos, that there is NO marked Deviding lines on these Roads, perhaps that could be a start by having a center line marked on all the Roads, with no overtaking signs posted.
    Come on Barbados, you seem to be having more Collissions that people using the 400 series high speed Highways in Canada. WHY??? WHY??? WHY ???
    and please don’t forget the use of technology whilst driving, In the Province of Ontario, and in other Jurisdictions in North America and Europe, if you are NOT using a Bluetooth Earpiece, and you are caught, you WILL be charged for DISTRACTED Driving, and it will impact your Drivers Licence and your Vehicle’s Insurance.
    My SUSPICION is that Most if not all of these Collisions in Barbados, are being caused by “DISTRACTED DRIVING” and there should be PENALTIES for this.


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