Anderson ‘Blood’ Armstrong, soca artiste and father

What is your most memorable fatherhood moment or experience?

One of my most memorable moments was actually having him perform with me at the finals in 2007. Having your son there and being a part of what you’re doing . . . was an uplifting moment.

What was your most embarrassing fatherhood moment or experience?

I can’t think of a really embarrassing moment with my child. Actually, there is one. I remember he was very young at the time and he heard me saying that I didn’t have any money. So we were together at the No. 1 Record Shop and there was some money and all the others were looking for it. Armand had the money but he never said anything and I got really angry. Then he said to me ‘daddy, I had the money because you said you didn’t have any money and I wanted to give you the money’. The others understood but I punished him and I really felt bad about punishing him, but I had to teach him a lesson that you don’t go anywhere and pick up anything that doesn’t belong to you, no matter what the situation is.

Blood with his son Armand
Blood with his son Armand

What about yourself do you want him to emulate?

Believing in yourself and giving of your best; it doesn’t matter if you fail. The real failure comes if you go ahead and do something and don’t give it your best shot. If you’ve given it your best shot and you are unsuccessful in your attempt, at least you know that you would have won by putting your best foot forward.

What’s the best piece of advice you were ever given about fatherhood?

I don’t think I’ve ever been given any real fatherhood advice. But one of the things that stuck with me is that I grew up with my grandmother and my grandfather, and my grandfather was always there for his family. And I always said that anytime I had a child I wanted it to be within a marriage and not have any children outside of that, and always make sure I take care of my family.

So what advice would you give to fathers, that you’ve picked up along the way, about raising their children?

You don’t know and you don’t feel unconditional love until you actually do have a child, and one of the best things that you can do is always make sure to give them positive and uplifting advice, never tell them that they can’t or they shouldn’t. I actually told my son from birth than he was born a winner and he was born to lead and to do that and don’t follow the multitude to do evil, chart your own course. I would advise fathers to do the same thing and make sure they make their children feel good about themselves.

Would you encourage your son to follow in your footsteps?

Whatever he decides to do I will make sure to give him as much support as possible, and if he decided that he was going to go into music I would give him all the support he needs, I would try to give him honest advice, I would make sure he knows the ins and outs and the do’s and the don’ts and try to teach him from a perspective that I didn’t learn it from. I came along and I learnt it as I went along but I think there is too much information and knowledge out there that he can get and should have and if he does decide to get into it, I would guide him along that path.


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