Thompson frustrated about polyclinic delays

budget2015-1St John MP Mara Thompson is not hiding her frustration over the ongoing delay in opening of the St John Polyclinic.

In fact, speaking in the House of Assembly today, she said there was no one more distressed that she was by the situation in which her constituency now finds itself, “where we are now at the mercy of the member for Christ Church South, [Minister of Health] John Boyce.

Parliamentary representative for St John Mara Thompson
Parliamentary representative for St John Mara Thompson

“It has me downright depressed. But I have to ask, as I do all of the time, why are we here now? Why are we looking for a St John Polyclinic to be completed in 2015?  I should have been onto the next project by now. The St John Polyclinic was left to the elements, and the elements of political nature in this instance,” Thompson said in making her contribution to the 2015-2016 Budget debate.

She further charged that a pavilion at a school was left to “the elements of political nature” by the previous Barbados Labour Party administration, but she noted that the project was now on the “radar” of the present Government.

Earlier, Thompson dismissed Opposition claims that the Democratic Labour Party was in the process of dismantling free education, noting that the current policy agenda of the party reflects a commitment to free education.

She recalled that the late DLP leader Errol Barrow had stated that his party’s mission was to ensure that every child born in Barbados had the opportunity to develop its talents, regardless of the family circumstances into which it happened to be born.

Stressing that the party was continuing on the path spelt out by Barrow, Thompson said: “We have accepted the responsibility of ensuring that the education construct is not dismantled, as some in this country would want to say, but that under the leadership of Minister of Education Ronald Jones, there have been many developments in education.”

Thompson identified several school plants that were either constructed or repaired and the $15 million that has been allocated in the current Budget for scholarships and grants for students who were experiencing financial difficulties since they were asked to pay tuition fees at the beginning of the academic year in September last year.

7 Responses to Thompson frustrated about polyclinic delays

  1. Alex Alleyne June 18, 2015 at 8:16 am

    After this project was frustrated for so many years because the BLP was in office , I would have put this polyclinic at the TOP of my “to do list” right after I ( DLP) was returned to office . You-all only have YOURSELF to BLAME .
    SO STOP CRYING…………………..

  2. Donna Harewood June 18, 2015 at 10:01 am

    Those guard huts were a mystery to me. Did they REALLY cost that much? Can’t see why! I don’t believe it. You’ll have to show me the proof for that one, Carl.

  3. jrsmith June 18, 2015 at 11:03 am

    The government and upper management , will all get full marks for one thing , failure to manage.
    Everything is made to look so hard don’t matter what. The try this and try that policy, hoping for the best.
    Bajans we need to take Barbados back , but from whom, one morning we will all awake seeing a massive fence running from north to south, on the west is them on the east is us.

  4. Patrick Blackman June 18, 2015 at 12:14 pm

    Pass the corned beef and biscuits, its silly season again. Mara life doesn’t revolve around your husband ok.

  5. Charles Worrell June 18, 2015 at 1:14 pm

    Mr. Blackman, is it too much to expect a decent comment from you? There was a time when I thought you were pretty good, what happened?
    MP Thompson has EVERY DARN RIGHT TO BE PISSED OFF! WE have been in government almost 8 years, her late husband and Barbados’ best hope went on to be with the Lord and this project was in sight, HOW CAN WE CONTINENCE THIS PROJECT STILL BEING UNFINISHED? Our government should be ashamed to leave this project undone especially when it is so important to the people of St. John.
    I am not sure what is happening but we seem to be losing our way. Mr. Thompson is dead and so is this project, this is BS!

    We in the DLP as a government MUST do better with our projects. THEY cost millions and the debt servicing associated with them are astronomical (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, Interest servicing will hurt you) and for us to follow that stupid path as the BLP did and leave these projects once completed WITHOUT A MAINTENANCE STAFF IS madness of the highest order. THIS is a NOTICE that should reach EVERY SINGLE MINISTER who is building anything. BARBADOS IS PAYING TOO DARN MUCH FOR THIS EXCLUSION.
    1. HAVE persons working there, cleaning up, fixing and repairing and maintaining these elephants.
    2. It would generate some employment which would pay for itself by not having to tear down and borrow more millions.
    3. THESE ARE COSTS that bajans ARE CARRYING WITH BREK-NECK TAXES and someone needs to pay attention. L.T GAY
    school is an example of the vile disrespect for the tax monies we are paying!


  6. Patrick Blackman June 18, 2015 at 3:39 pm

    @Charles Worrell – I have reached the stage where I don’t have faith in anything coming from these politicians, I now consider all of them to be parasites on the people of this country, none of them (BLP & DLP) have any credibility what so ever in my personal view.

    Yes the polyclinic should have been finished sometime ago like so many other things e.g. proper drainage for the country, proper waste disposal, an efficient public transit system, a significant reduction in gun related crime and crime in general and the list goes on.

    My personal view is that the budget reply is a time to discuss budget issues not a time to push agenda (despite how noble it may be). No one is saying that David did not bring hope to many in this country but the country comes first.

    Her government has been in power for awhile now and if they saw this project as a priority to the legacy of their dear leader, it would have been finished by now, she more than all of us can impact decisions made by her government, we only can do this at election time.

    We can even go further , look at Barrow’s childhood home, how is that doing?

    The point here is, what is the priority getting her polyclinic or addressing the current economic problems facing the country for the betterment of all as oppose to the few in St. John?

    I am sorry if I have lost your respect, things happen and things need to be said so unfortunately you may continue to feel that way about me but I will still enjoy and respect your comments because they are very good comments all the time.

    Often we need to step back from the party line to have true clarity.

  7. Nathaniel Anderson June 18, 2015 at 8:50 pm

    Charles, Do you honestly, really believe that the late PM Thompson was so good for Barbados? He was a sweet talker but he has been shown to be partaking of the fatted calf.
    Mara really needs to start speaking and not complaining. She knows that this group of DLPs have been the ones to blame for the unfinished poly clinic. They are happy to divert funds for whatever reason, for whatever fancy and her request is to the bottom of the pile.
    Much to not like with this DLP bunch and just like the BLP before they have become rather haughty. Their day will come but it needs to come sooner rather than later or we will be in real dire straits.
    The boss man now needs to look at these allegations swirling around him and his people so that damnation will not befall us Barbadians. If he loves this country as he says, he need to act quickly to bring this disaster to a close.


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