Primary schools netball heating up

The jostle for positions in the closing stages of the Pine Hill Dairy-sponsored National Sports Council’s Primary Schools Netball Competition continued today with All Saints, Ignatius Byer and West Terrace each registering two victories at the Netball Stadium.

Azariah Coombs-Griffith was a perfect five goals from five attempts and team-mate Roshea Williams equally accurate with three from three as West Terrace defeated Reynold Weekes 8-1 after leading 4-0 at half-time. Simona Jones netted the sole goal for Reynold Weekes.

In the second game West Terrace also defeated St Mary’s 14-3 with the combination of Williams (6 from 14) and Coombs-Griffith (8 from 15) accounting for the goals once again. Nazera Harewood (2 from 2) and Tamia Duke Woodall  (1 from 1) scored for St Mary’s.

All Saints defeated St. Bernard’s 9-3 with Nekara Bishop being the main sharpshooter with eight goals from ten attempts while Jelissa Thompson had one from three. Katrina Austin (1 from 2) and Teshara Holdipp (2 from 4) scored for the St. Joseph school. All Saints also beat Deacons 12-2.

Ignatius Byer eked out a 5-3 win over St. Gabriel’s and returned later to get another victory, 7-2, against Reynold Weekes. Grantley Prescod added to St Bernard’s woes on the day by beating them 10-4, while St Mary’s defeated St. Gabriel’s 6-4.

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