iWeb in Sound clothing

iWeb performing at the recently held Mega Cavalcade.

Calypso Monarch Ian iWeb Webster is ready to take things to another level.

And, if his performances thus far for the season are to be used as a gauge, he is indeed going to have an excellent Crop Over.

Bajan Vibes caught up with iWeb after his performance at the recent Mega Cavalcade where he declared he was ready for the season and all set to defend his crown.

“Just trying to pace myself. The songs are written; they are there . . . . I’m out there seeing how the audience is responding, to see if I need to tweek something here or there. With regard to social commentary, I am ready,” he said, adding that the usual could be expected from him this Crop Over.

Ian Webster and his mother modelling the iWeb clothing line.

“Expect good entertainment . . . . I expect to have a good season. I’m just performing and having a good time. Soca music is an energy vibe,” he said But, the music isn’t just all iWeb is focusing on this season. He has a new clothing line –– iWeb Clothing Urban Collection, which is already doing very well.

Some of the shirts in iWeb’s new clothing line.

“Now just starting to promote the brand; wearing the shirts to events and so. This year, though, we are doing it by orders, and you can have your shirt customized. So if you want to have particular colours you can order it. You can also put your name in the back of the shirt as well.

“Right now, a lot of people have been giving great feedback; and now I am putting some infrastructure in place to ensure the demand is met. We are seeing how we are going to manage it, and making sure everyone gets what they want,” iWeb explained.

He said for now it was just something for Crop Over, but if it went beyond that, it would be fantastic.

“If it happens to go in that direction I wouldn’t mind doing it. If time permits me to do it outside of the Crop Over then I would definitely do it.” Overall, iWeb said he was looking forward to a great Crop Over.

“We have been hearing some really good songs coming out,” he said. All the best to him for this season.


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