Full-blooded for Crop Over

REMM3668This Crop Over, you may call him Mr Blood. He is a veteran in the entertainment industry and you may always expect great things from him.

“Currently I have four songs out. You can expect some more. You would have to come in the tent to hear the commentaries,” Mr Blood said, confirming that he would be judged in all three competitions this year.

“You can expect great things this year. Bigger and better all the time. Doing songs that I wouldn’t normally do. Right now, I’m preparing for pan fusion and some other events,” the calypsonian said.

And he added matter-of-factly: “You can expect great things from Soka Kartel too.

“I have several tracks; Mikey has several tracks, and they’re really good tracks. The band is rehearsing a lot, making sure that when we step out, we put on a great show for the fans . . . . So you can look forward to great things for Crop Over 2015,” Mr Blood said.

Speaking to Bajan Vibes at the recent Mega Cavalcade, he said that thus far he was pleased with the feedback he had been getting and the way his Crop Over was going.

“This was my first major performance for the season. It went really well. Still getting some fantastic reviews from the songs and it’s going great,” he stated.

Mr Blood added he was extremely pleased with the music that was coming out this season, especially from the younger artistes.

“I think the producers in Barbados have outdone themselves. The productions are up to par and really good. This is May, and a lot of music is out. Everyone came out early and they came out good.

“A lot of younger artistes have stepped up their game, and are sounding really good. Right now, as far as I’m concerned, it’s an open market out there. Right now, everyone is sounding good. It’s a level playing field. If you come, you have to come good,” the veteran entertainer said.

“I would like to think that I set the tone for the music to come out early, and it has worked for myself and a lot of the other artistes as well. When I started it, it was not something I wanted to keep to myself. I’m happy that a lot of artistes are coming out earlier,” Mr Blood stated thankfully. (DB)

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