Top girl Jasmine’s best day

One special little girl has declared today the best of her life!

Not only was St Angela’s student Jasmine Patricia Simmons celebrating her 11th birthday, but she would learn meanwhile that she was the top student in the 2015 11-Plus Examination –– a position shared with her counterpart at St Winifred’s, Jemma Jordan Evelyn.

Kayla Tull could not hold back the tears as she congratulated her daughter top student Jasmine Simmons.
Kayla Tull could not hold back the tears as she congratulated her daughter top student Jasmine Simmons.

“I am so overjoyed. This is by far the best day of my life. It is also my birthday and I am very excited.

“At first I was really nervous, because I thought I was not going to do well, but I have done my best,” said a delighted Jasmine she sat in the principal’s office of the Collymore Rock, St Michael school.

The top student received 100 in mathematics and 98 in English, an A in composition, and a total of 249.12.

The student will be making her way to Harrison College in September.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY after taking a break from joyously jumping up and down, and screaming at the top of her lungs, Jasmine noted that her journey to the top of the ladder had not been at all an easy one.

She had sacrificed her weekends and was engaged in tutoring sessions by her father Ron Tull, who is a Class 4 teacher at St Margaret’s Primary School. But with her equally overjoyed mother Kayla Tull by her side, Jasmine boldly stated she did not regret having to do all that one bit –– “because it has paid off”.

“Sometimes I wished I could stop; just give up; but I knew I couldn’t, because then all of this hard work would have been for nothing, and I was not going to let that happen,” she added.

Jasmine, who  has an interest in ballet and swimming, said the lesson she learnt while making it to the top was that in life you had to work hard if you wanted to accomplish the best results.

Mum Tull, an optician, indicated she was overwhelmed with the accomplishment of her daughter whom she described as very mature for her age. The mother recalled that after the examination on May 5, Jasmine had informed her she was confident she had done well.

“We wanted her to go to Harrison because her great-grandad went there; her grandad. I went there.

“We just thought it would be nice for her to go there, so that it would be a tradition. But we wanted her to do her best, and whatever was her best was her best,” the mother of three said.

Jasmine’s teacher Naomi Weekes said she expected nothing but the best from the “helpful and consistent student”.

Jasmine would celebrate her birthday and achievement with her family.

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