Robbery twist

Men to return to court for sentencing after car dispute

COURT TODAY BLOCKThe storyline involved one man stealing a vehicle and car parts, another man who picked him up after he committed the act, two men who beat the thief, and a policeman who offered advice.

At the end of it all, four men pleaded guilty; two were remanded and two granted bail, and the policeman is expected to attend court come July 8.

In a Bridgetown court yesterday, an auto body repairman confessed that he and a buddy beat another man last Friday, after believing the man had stolen car parts from a vehicle he was working on.

Adrian Orlando Sealy, 43, of No. 1 Pipers Avenue Arlie Tenantry and Kevin Andre Boyce, 35, of Well Gap, Cave Hill, both in St Michael, told Magistrate Douglas Frederick that they assaulted Shane Jackson on June 9.

In outlining the facts, acting Station Sergeant Neville Watson said Jackson, the complainant, took his car to have it painted. When he returned for the vehicle the next day, certain things were said and he left the area.

Sometime around midnight, he heard Sealy outside calling his name and when he went outside to see why, Boyce grabbed him by his throat, pulled him off the step and started beating him. Sealy, who had a cutlass, then joined in and began beating him about the body with the weapon.

Police were called. Jackson was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital where he was treated for soft tissue injuries and discharged.

When Magistrate Frederick asked Sealy what he had to say, he explained that he was working on a customer’s vehicle and realized later that some rims, tyres, headlights and an alternator were missing.

He said Boyce not only helped him to look for the missing items but ‘give me all different angles as to who carried way the rims.’ But that was until someone sent him a picture of the rims, headlights and tyres on Jackson’s own car.

“I went to talk to the youngster,” Sealy said, but when Jackson saw him coming, he drove off.

Sealy said he circled and by the time they got back to Jackson’s house, the car was stripped. Following that, Sealy said he went to the police and one advised him to try and get back the items, once he could do so without the use of violence, but the officer did not accompany him.

Sealy recalled that when he got to Jackson’s residence, the complainant denied having the parts. Boyce then held him and gave him “a slap round he head” while “I lash he with the sword”.

Jackson’s girlfriend then intervened and took him (Sealy) and Boyce to a bushy area in the back where the parts were “stashed in a hole”.

“I felt real disrespected because he lie right to my face,” Sealy added.

‘If what you are saying is true, . . . the responsibility was on his [the policeman’s] shoulders to advise you right,’ the Magistrate said.

As for Boyce, Magistrate Frederick told him that if he were truly Sealy’s friend, he ought to be able ‘to tell him come back when he is going wrong.’

Within minutes, Shane Dugwell Jackson, 25, of Jackson Main Road, St Michael appeared in the same dock, along with Chad Cacique Bishop, 21, of Well Gap No. 2, Cave Hill, St Michael, charged with stealing four rims and tyres belonging to Stephen Johnson, valued $1,000.

Jackson also pleaded guilty to another charge of stealing Cherise Harding’s car on May 15.

Jackson was present when the items were delivered to the workshop. He returned there around 1 a.m. and stole the rims, tyres, headlights and an alternator before escaping in a car.

In relation to Harding’s stolen car, Jackson told police he borrowed the woman’s car, made a duplicate key and used it to drive the vehicle away around 1 a.m. The car was later found at his home.

Jackson told the court that he has one previous conviction for stealing gasoline but Magistrate Frederick found it hard to believe, saying that he found Johnson used “a high level of complexity” in committing his crimes, like “someone  who is seasoned would do”.

Jackson also explained that his co-accused Bishop never stole the items but was his transportation at the time the offence occurred.

Meanwhile, Bishop said he got a job just two weeks ago, one day after the incident.

The Magistrate ordered presentencing reports on both men and remanded them until July 8. Sealy and Boyce were granted $2,500 bail and are expected to be sentenced on June 19.

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