Bigger step for local film Vigilante

Step By Step Productions is continuing to make movements in the industry. It announced today it had now secured an international distributor, in California Pictures, for its film Vigilante –– The Crossing.

Director David Weekes said it was an arduous task, but he was glad Step By Step’s hard work had paid off. “It was a very challenging experience. The idea of going to Cannes Film Festival was a foreign idea for us. It was our dream that we could go to Cannes. We never gave up on the concept,” he said.

Weekes explained the journey to getting the local movie into the hands of international distributors.

“. . . Through the persistency of my wife Marcia; and, if you know her, you would know what I am talking about. “We met with Steven Istock of California Pictures and we were able to show him the trailer for the movie Vigilante, and he liked it. And he said he was interested in the film; so the next step was to have him see another film.

“It was amazing. For it was the first time for us going and not really knowing what we are doing. We kept going and going; that’s where our faith and belief come in “And we strongly believed that something would come out of this. We showed him the DVD of the film, and then decided to come back the following day; and we would know if there was a decision.

“When we came back, he wasn’t there; the door was locked. It was the last day. “Everything was closed down. So we said, ‘Oh Lord, we made a mistake and our DVD is gone’. But we hung around and eventually he came and gave us the great news that he liked the movie,” Weekes explained.

He offered many thanks to all those who had made it possible “. . . Starting with the Minister of Sports, Youth and Culture. He has been very supportive of our initiative. He has always been very supportive.

“Another agency that has always been supportive is the Central Bank of Barbados. Thank them for their financial contribution and helping us get to Cannes. The entire thing is an expensive venture. We also wish to thank the BTMI, Thinking Computers, Graphic Inc., Chickmont Foods, BIDC, Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” he said Weekes also singled out Stedson RPB Wiltshire, one of the actors in the movie, offering him many thanks.

“I have to make mention of him . . . he was with us in LA, and I must say this gentleman is more than a calypsonian. He is a visionary. He is also an inspiring person. When you speak to him you are geared up to do something.

Actors in the Vigilante movie, Stedson Wiltshire (left) and Kirk Brown (right).

“When we approached him about going to Cannes, it was just an idea; but his enthusiasm . . . . He insisted that we make it work. He was more confident than we were.  So for that we thank you, Mr Wiltshire,” he said. (DB)

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