Anxious Zoe in third spot

After completing the 11-Plus Examination on May 5, Zoe Stormes was a little worried she had finished both papers too quickly. And though she tried not to show it, the St Winifred’s student was concerned about what her marks might be.

But, she was pleasantly surprised today.

Top three student Zoe Stormes (centre) receiving a kiss from mother Rachel (left) and father Peter.
Top three student Zoe Stormes (centre) receiving a kiss from mother Rachel (left) and father Peter.

The results were back and she found out that with a total of 248.69, A, she had been listed as the top three student, and will be headed to the secondary school of her first choice –– Queen’s College.

“I didn’t think I was going to do that well, because after the exam I felt as if I didn’t take enough time to do it; because I finished a bit earlier than I normally finish papers when I am practising,” said a happy Zoe.

In addition to having lessons twice a week as preparation, the student had to temporarily put her swimming team Pirates on the back burner, to be fully focused on the
national examination.

“Just work hard and listen to your teacher; and even if you don’t do that well, just keep trying, because you will get there eventually,” Zoe advises.

After reviewing the results, St Winifred’s principal Tony McConney said he was not only pleased with the overall results, but also the fact the school had five out of the top ten English marks this year. He attributed the favourable results to the dedication and hard work of students, teachers and parents.

“Certainly, we look at the overall performance and we are very proud of all of our students –– from age three and all the way to CXC. This is a testimony to the good work of the whole school,”  McConney boasted.

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    Suanna Decarla Marshall June 11, 2015 at 9:40 am

    Congrats keep it up


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