Give us closure

Boy’s family makes appeal to authorities

It is about time Shemar’s body is laid to rest!

This is the cry of 12-year-old Shemar Weekes’ family members who are calling on the authorities, four weeks after teenager allegedly hanged himself, to hand over his body.

The late Shemar Weekes.
The late Shemar Weekes.

An upset family member told Barbados TODAY this evening that Weekes’ loved ones had not yet received word from the authorities when the body, on which an autopsy was conducted last week by Jamaica-based forensic pathologist Dr Sainagendra Prasad Kadiyala, would be handed over to them.

“We are very frustrated because we are not hearing anything, the body has not been released and we want to lay him to rest. It is bad enough that we are grieving and after four weeks we are frustrated. It is about time we lay him to rest,” said the relative, who requested anonymity.

The autopsy, which was witnessed by detectives and relatives at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, showed that no one was criminally liable for the death of the former Coleridge & Parry student, who was found by mother Julianne Weekes hanging in the yard of their Fryers Well, Checker Hall, St Lucy home on May 4.

Following the autopsy, Assistant Commissioner of Police responsible for Crime Management Investigations Mark Thompson revealed that Shamar’s file would not be handed over to the Director of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock, which would have suggested the need for a criminal probe.

Thompson who did not provide any details on the cause of the death indicated that the 12-year-old’s file would instead be submitted to Coroner Manila Renee, who has legal authority to make the post mortem results public.

The pathologist had promised to submit the report by last weekend.

Meanwhile, the upset relative indicated that arrangements for the funeral had already been put in place. However, a date can only be set once the body was released.

“Listen, all day today I had a headache and it is really getting to me. I am feeling really down. It is time Shemar is laid to rest so that we can have some form of closure and start healing from there,” the loved one pleaded.

11 Responses to Give us closure

  1. Amanda Broomes
    Amanda Broomes June 9, 2015 at 8:05 am

    See he int hang he self he to small and even if he did the body would of given to the family by now these people are hiding something but ya cant hide from God

  2. Ormond Mayers June 9, 2015 at 11:52 am

    Yes let the public know the truth of Shemar death and bring a closure to this unfortunate situation. The weekend gone the result of the Autopsy was to be known. What happened to the result?

  3. Veroniva Boyce
    Veroniva Boyce June 9, 2015 at 12:15 pm

    Chastise a child is one thing i.e setting rules, boundaries and putting an apropriate a consequence in place if the child is disobedient. But, inflicting blows, lashes, licks what ever you want to call it, to a child on a daily basis is total abuse. Less of ‘poor mother’ she knew exactly what she was doing. That little boy suffered and the ADULTS failed him. No one is bashing the family on face book, the ordinary public are upset for Shemar and want to see some answers, some form of Justice for his suffering. Is there anything wrong with that?

  4. Patrick Blackman June 9, 2015 at 1:50 pm

    As unfortunate as it may be for the family and the desire to have closure, the rule of law must be maintained. Let the authorities do their jobs. We have a situation here where a child has died due to un-natural circumstances, the authorities are duty bound to determine the circumstances surounding his death.

    If the authorities had quickly brush over this case then we would be hearing how they did not do the right thing or the child did not get justice. LET THEM DO THE JOB REQIURED BY LAW. As a parent myself I would surely like to get to the bottom of the cause surrounding my child’s death regardless of how long it takes.

  5. Josh June 9, 2015 at 4:31 pm

    The early death of this child is unfortunate. The authorities however are duty bound to be cautious in this case in particular because of the unfounded accusations being caste against his mother. The facts appear that this child like many others across the world chose to take his own life, Whether this is due to the actions of his mother; abuse from elsewhere or an underlying mental illness we will never know but in my view vilifying his mother, on the basis of ‘after the case’ hearsay by neighbors is unkind and ignorant. The authorities will have pursued this case vigorously given the strength of public opinion. In spite of this, no charges have been laid against his mother and Shemar’s younger sibling remains in his mother’s care. To those of you wishing for someone other than Shemar to be held accountable for his actions, check yourselves and your response every time you witness or hear a child being beaten or chastised in Barbados – it’s not uncommon. I think we should leave Shemar’s mother alone to grieve in peace. Let’s also allow the child’s soul to rest in peace. If anyone is guilty of a crime against Shemar their soul will not sleep.


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