Accident at Hoyte’s Village



One person complained of injuries following an accident at Hoyte’s Village, St. James this morning.

42-year-old Sean Campbell of Husband Heights, St. James, complained of pains to the neck after his vehicle was struck by a truck and pinned to a guard wall.

Campbell’s 10-year-old daughter Sheanice was also in the vehicle. She appeared shaken by the incident.

The driver of the truck, 26-year-old Rommell Worrell of Lower Estate, St. George said the brakes malfunctioned and this caused the vehicle to slide.




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  1. Tony Waterman June 9, 2015 at 11:45 pm

    I have asked this question Before and i will here again, when will the Government of Barbados, in Cooperatiom with it’s MTW, perform Yearly Safety Checks on Vehicles in Barbados, especially Vehicles that are used for Commercial purposes and those that Transport people for Monetary gain.

    Also when are they going to set up a system of Licencing of Auto Mechanics, who perform work on Vehicles,as it is now anyone can pick up two wrenches and claim they are a Mechanic and go do work on a vehicle without any oversight body in Place, rediculous in this day and age.


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