Strategic planning key, says Haynes

Desmond Haynes believes planning will be key for the Tridents

Batting legend Desmond Haynes believes strategic planning could make all the difference as Barbados Tridents gear up to defend their title in what is being regarded as the most competitive Caribbean Premier League campaign yet.

Tridents face a tough fight to retain their title in the June 20th to July 26th tournament, and Haynes said that with all six teams appearing well-balanced and extremely competitive, the decisive factor could be the strength of the team plans.

“With the Tridents, we also have a think-tank – as we call it – where we have a group of senior players who will discuss the opposition, we will discuss the way that we think the plans should work and we would then take it to the team to see if they would buy into those plans,” said the Tridents Ambassador.

“Sometimes the team adds to the plans or sometimes they say ‘let’s go back to what we were doing all along’. The way we go about it is that we try to let everyone in the team know our plans so everyone is aware of how we set out to go about the game.”

He continued: “I can assess players. I can see some of the strength and weaknesses of the opposition. I can also discuss some of the strength and weaknesses of our own players because it’s important for you to know what the opposition is thinking, what lines they are going to bowl and what plans they want to use against you.

“It’s like going into a war, it’s very important to plan and know exactly what to expect from the opposition so that when they come you will be well prepared.”

Haynes said one of the major strengths of the Tridents franchise was the fact the squad was filled with quality leaders, pointing to the likes of captain Kieron Pollard, Rayad Emrit, West Indies one-day captain Jason Holder and Pakistani batsman Shoaib Malik.

According to the legendary West Indies opener, this leadership, in conjunction with excellent team plans, resulted in entire team commitment and had contributed to the Tridents success last year.

“Some of the things that helped us to win the competition last year was the fact that we had a good leader, we had the guys playing together, everybody was committed to the cause,” said Haynes.

“There are some things you won’t see in a guy hitting a six or stopping a ball, but the whole idea of having a mindset of what you want to achieve, going out there and being committed to the cause, is something I was very, very pleased with.”

He added: “We’ve got someone like Shoaib. He’s one of those guys who gives us a good idea of how the guys from that side of the world think and how they play so that knowledge base in the team has been an asset.”

Head coach Robin Singh in partnership with Haynes has been responsible for masterminding the Tridents success, and Haynes stressed the importance of technology in their planning.

“With the technology that is available to us now, as coaches it is very important for us to use it so that we could then put our plans in place and be very competitive with the rest of the sides.”

Barbados Tridents open their campaign against Guyana Amazon Warriors on June 20th at 6 pm at Kensington Oval, in what will be a repeat of last year’s final.

2 Responses to Strategic planning key, says Haynes

  1. Tony Webster June 7, 2015 at 6:46 am

    There are yet two other alternatives, sir:-
    1. Whilst hanging our heads in shame, we cud also pray…and no-one (‘cept God)…would notice.
    2. We cud send our boys to join the Aussies, for training. Effin dat too far, we cud send dem to England. Or Zim. Or Canada.

  2. Patrick Blackman June 7, 2015 at 12:21 pm

    Its not about strategic planning, its about having strategic vision. If don’t have the vision then what are you planning for.


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