I will vote no to marijuana, says Paul

Government backbencher James Paul today came out strongly against moves to achieve the legalization of marijuana, clearly hinting he would oppose the issue if it ever comes up for approval in the House of Assembly.

Government backbencher James Paul
Government backbencher James Paul

“The point is I do not agree with the legalization of marijuana,” he made clear as he delivered the weekly lunchtime lecture at the headquarters of the ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP).

“I think it would be sending a wrong message. If you look at some of the societies in which marijuana has been legalized, there is a noticeable increase in hideous crime.”

The two-term St Michael West Central Member of Parliament said he was “a real person and looks at real society” and therefore refused “to bury his head in the sand based on the rapid social decay where there is widespread abuse of marijuana and other illicit drugs”.

“Our authorities need to accept more responsibility. Our community workers need to get out there and address this scourge. Our leaders need to stop sending these ambivalent messages to young people. On one hand marijuana is good, and on another hand, it is not good,” he said.

Speaking on the topic “Preparing the Youth of Today for the World of Work”, Paul said the abuse of marijuana was creating major social problems among Barbadian youth. He charged that too many people today wanted to be part of the “in thing”, accommodated and engaged in doublespeak, and argued that it was up to the individual to choose what was right or wrong for them.

He told the audience: “It is in that kind of environment where it has seeped into homes. We are in danger of parents passing on an aura of invincibility to their children when it comes to marijuana. The true dangers of the drug are not appreciated by some. We have a bureaucracy which sometimes seem intimidated by the efforts of those who make the most money out of drugs, to have marijuana legalized.

“The state should never go to the point of giving the impression to young people that a substance like marijuana is something that can be used. We need to stop speaking in a duplicitous manner on these issues,” he added.

Recalling a recent funeral he attended for a young constituent, Paul contended that marijuana could be death to some of our young people.

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  1. dave June 6, 2015 at 12:16 pm

    The stuff seemed to be readily available though !

  2. Patrick Blackman June 6, 2015 at 12:39 pm

    What is going on these last few days, its like “opinion day” for public figures. NO more opinions, tell us about your agricultural policy for the country, where we are today and where we want to be and how we are going to get there. No one gives a crap about your views on marijuana.

  3. Charles Worrell June 6, 2015 at 6:29 pm

    Field Marshall James, you are right on here and again, this is a subject that will be met with much hostility because lets face it: drugs are making a ton of money of many including HIGH POWERED BAJANS AND those living here! lets us get to this point.
    yes, herb was around Barbados for a while but the restriction held it in place. LET US KEEP IT THAT WAY. This open door that is being floated is the already monied dealers way of getting it into every market and into every hand as they continue to go to the bank.
    LOOK, BA-BA-DOS GOT A LOT OF ENTRIES TO ITS BORDERS AND I am sure, these have been used frequently in the past and if left unchecked, will continue to be used in the future. WHY are we allowing this kind of thought to enter into our especially when there are those who cant wait to plug for it. WHY? TO ENRICH themselves while destroying our young people in particular.
    Guys the USA have over 300 million people and so, can afford the snags that it has endured for years; Barbados is 14×21, WHEN ARE WE GOINGT O GET IT?!
    WE began as a christian nation with pertinent values etc..(I am sure today this view will be met similarly to those views expressed in the States), we were taught certain values that stood many of us in great stead; today, it is about what is happening in America that is getting our lamps lit and we care not that we are not them. If the truth be told, our culture was enriching to us while theirs to this day, have remain unclear as money fuels their every action. BARBAODS DOES NOT NEED TO FOLLOW THIS. LET US LOOK TO OUR SISTER AND BROTHER STATES AND DO WHAT WE NEED TO DO TO UNIFY AND LIVE.

  4. jus me June 6, 2015 at 11:18 pm

    ****I think it would be sending a wrong message. If you look at some of the societies in which marijuana has been legalized, there is a noticeable increase in hideous crime.”****

    OF COURSE,there is NO Hideous crime in Barbados.?!!

    Wasn’t it one of your voter who torture and kill so vilely that little Russian girl up in St Phillip??
    Got a few years for Manslaughter after the most HIDEOUS killing in Barbados for years.?

    All this endorsed by a sick twisted DPP.

    All of this was nothing to do with Marijuana, but 100% to do with YOU and your ILK and the way the DLP allow the LAW of Barbados to be used , twisted and valueless .

    Your message is we are dealing with Duplicious Thieves who set the example ,in the way they run this Country

  5. Rhaj Paul W June 7, 2015 at 9:14 pm

    I agree with Mr Paul – there is a scourge plaguing our beloved Barbados and it threatens to undermine the little but undeniable progress we have made since the properly propagated propaganda against Marijuana and the ensuing fear that it generated surfaced in America in the 1930’s.

    This scourge is ignorance and it’s companion in arms, fear.

    There is a reason Marijuana is illegal in Barbados and his nothing to do with hideous crime, violence nor death of body or potential.

    It is illegal in Barbados first and foremost because we are cowards. But even that is not so bad as being a hypocrite in or with power.

    Mark my words one day we too will change our policy and those that cry wolf now will on that day say pass the dutchie like it’s nobody’s business!

    Get a grip of yourself and do some proper research before you desecrate one of God’s given plants.
    Everybody that smokes weed is not bad nor going bad nor wrecking this society.
    Stop painting the picture with a big fat bias brush!

    We the people of Barbados today deserve better than that.

  6. Tony Waterman June 9, 2015 at 1:37 am

    @ James Paul!!!!!Your Statement, QUOTE:-“”If you look at some of the societies in which marijuana has been legalized, there is a noticeable increase in hideous crime.””

    where is your proof to back up that statement, and can you name one of those Societies ??

    Here is what Research is meant to do, Refute Stupid Statements like those you have made. you have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about.

    Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring(ADAM)
    Program and Uniform Crime Reports.

    Despite its frequent use among arrestee populations, marijuana has generally been shown
    to inhibit aggressive behavior and violence in humans and thus it is believed not to be a major
    contributor to crime (Miczek et al., 1994; White and Gorman, 2000).

    The psychopharmacological model hypothesizes that
    drug users engage in violent and/or
    non-violent crime because of the acute psychoactiv
    e effects of the substance (Goldstein, 1985).
    There is very little support for this model in
    the case of marijuana, except for adolescents.
    Laboratory studies generally show that marijuana,
    unlike alcohol, temporarily inhibits aggression
    and violence (Mizcek et al, 1994; White and Go
    rman, 2000), raising doubt that any association
    identified in the data is causal in nature.

    This is from an Organisation that ACTUALLY did Formal Research, not just shot off their mouths.

  7. Tony Waterman June 9, 2015 at 1:42 am

    @James Paul !!!! Please read and get some pertinent Information.

    (It’s Not the Marijuana But Its Prohibition That Fuels Crime)

    Last month, while attempting to explain a recent rise in gang-related violence, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak made a string of unfortunate — and flat-out misleading — comments. Specifically, he attempted to blame violence by criminal gangs on citizens who consume marijuana.

    “When you pay for marijuana, you are paying for the bullet that goes into the head of someone on the streets,” he said in one interview.

    The mayor’s logic is flawed. By placing the blame for violence entirely on marijuana’s consumers, Rybak conveniently ignored the central role in gang violence that is played by marijuana’s prohibition and the politicians who support it.

    It is true that gangs make considerable amounts of money selling marijuana. According to some government estimates, Mexican drug cartels make more than 60 percent of their profits from marijuana alone and control distribution networks in more than 250 American cities, including Minneapolis.

    However, the only reason such criminal groups make any money at all from marijuana is that our current policies allow them to. By keeping marijuana illegal and confined to the black market, our wildly ineffective marijuana laws — and any elected official who supports them — are to blame for handing criminals a virtual monopoly on the lucrative marijuana trade. (Many people may be surprised to learn that marijuana is estimated to be America’s largest cash crop, a $36 billion-a-year industry larger than corn and wheat combined.)

    Like alcohol prohibition in the last century, marijuana prohibition has helped to fuel violent crime in Minnesota and across the country.

    Rybak’s own deputy police chief has acknowledged that violence in the marijuana trade is caused by its prohibition, telling station KARE11 last month: “It is illegal to distribute marijuana, so the people distributing marijuana are criminal syndicates that are engaged in very violent activity to protect their turf.”

    Mayor Rybak is simply out of touch with reality if he refuses to acknowledge prohibition’s leading role in gang violence. Marijuana’s consumers, who total at least 15 million Americans every month, have been demonized long enough by more than 70 years of “Reefer Madness” style propaganda and laws that criminalize use of a substance that by every objective standard is far safer than alcohol and tobacco. By saying marijuana consumers are to blame for gang violence as well, Mayor Rybak contributed little to the urgent and rapidly expanding debate over how to change our nation’s broken marijuana laws.

    If the mayor truly wants to end violence associated with marijuana, he needs to be honest with his constituents and join the growing ranks of those calling for an end to prohibition and the failed policies that drive money into the hands of criminals — and, yes, bullets into people’s heads.

    The only real solution to the prohibition-fueled violence is to regulate marijuana, and bring its sale under the rule of law, the same way we ended the criminal violence that stemmed from alcohol prohibition. If the millions of Americans who regularly consume marijuana had the legal option to purchase it from licensed and law-abiding establishments, they would have no reason to patronize the criminal market.

    There’s a reason these same gangs that deal marijuana aren’t brewing hops or selling moonshine.


  8. Tony Waterman June 9, 2015 at 1:55 am

    @James Paul!!! The Fact that you, your Government, and all other Governments Collects Huge Taxes from the Worst two ADDICTIVE DRUGS of all, Cigarettes (Nicotene) and Alcohol, and yet you choose to back making criminals out of people who smoke POT, makes me come to the Conclusion that you are a Hypocrite.
    Alcohol does more Damage to the Human Body than does Marijuana, that has been Clinically proven.

    I am NOT a POT Smoker and NEVER was one, i did smoke Cigarettes in the past, but suffered the consequences, and has been free of that vice since 2008.

  9. Gregg June 10, 2015 at 4:03 pm

    Please enjoy viewing…..


  10. JDhan February 14, 2016 at 3:57 pm

    “I think it would be sending a wrong message.” That’s one of his answers for such a big debate. So laughable. Then he follows it up with a LIE.

    “If you look at some of the societies in which marijuana has been legalized, there is a noticeable increase in hideous crime.” Always the same ignorant smoke screens. Had the minister actually open his eyes and did some proper research he wouldn’t be spewing so much ignorance. SHOW THE EVIDENCE, because all I hearing is opinion/long talk. Any body that researches before they open their mouths knows prohibition is what fuels crimes in these circumstances. The areas where crime increased after legalization are in the Vast MINORITY.

    Upwards to now I havn’t heard any of the “true dangers” of the drug. The same “true dangers” that makes people 100× smarter and more informed and more objective than Backbencher Paul could ever dream to be, use it for medicinal purposes. He isn’t gonna speak about that, but will talk about burying head in the sand. He isn’t gonna address it from that standpoint. He prefers to full up the prison with people burning a plant, and have taxpayers money go towards that.

    “Our authorities need to accept more responsibility. Yea, accept responsibility for running down the country while you at it. Accept for that responsibility too.
    THE UWI MONA PLANTED A TREE ON THEIR COMPOUND FOR PETES SAKE.. WAKE UP NUH! Stop living in the past and READ. That time there’s revenue that could EASILY be generated by this plant you know. But no, keep raising taxes and talking about social decay.


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