ManUp weekend coming

ManUp, a weekend-long experience catering to men is coming to the Concorde Experience on June 13 and 14.

The show, the first of its kind, and taking place the weekend before Father’s Day, will feature a series of unique male-centred displays, showcases and competitions. It’s a concept that has been well received by sponsors and would-be patrons alike.

Companies like Banks, LIME, H. Jason Jones, Scotiabank, Caribbean LED and CrossFit Island Fit have come on board, and the show’s newly established Facebook page has been populated with comments like “Finally” and “About time!”.

BPSA President Alex McDonald
Alex McDonald

“We got tired of going to expos and sitting around outside waiting on our wives,” said one of the show’s organizers, Alex McDonald. “We wanted to assemble a show that put everything men are interested in under one roof,” he explained.

“You can enter through the Bank’s Beer garden, relax in the man cave, check out the tech, financial, hardware, home improvement, health and cooking showcases; visit the booths, or come ready to compete in the hearts, dominoes or basketball tournaments,” McDonald added.

The show will also feature the H. Jason Jones King Of Grill Face-Off and a Fitman Challenge by CrossFit Island Fit.

“We know guys are competitive,” said Alain Hinds, the show’s other mastermind. “We didn’t want a ‘come and look at the booths kind of experience’, but rather one where guys can interact, have a good time and hopefully take away some knowledge in the process.”

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