No way out for Worrell

COURT TODAY BLOCKEither way, Samuel Stephen Kenny Worrell was going to HMP Dodds.

When the 5th Avenue Brandons, St Michael resident appeared in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court, he pleaded not guilty to assaulting Magalene Williams on May 26 and occasioning her actual bodily harm.

This was after the court learnt from a marshal that Worrell had an outstanding $8 000 fine payable to the High Court, for which a warrant of commitment had been issued.

Additionally, when the court checked Worrell’s records, in February Magistrate Douglas Frederick had placed him on a 6-month bond to keep the peace, with an alternative of a $1 500 fine. He was also given two months to pay $1 500 compensation to a man he assaulted. He neither kept the bond nor paid the compensation.

By March, Worrell was before former acting Magistrate Alliston Seale who gave him until July this year to pay the $1 500 for breaching the bond imposed on him earlier.

Worrell returns to court on June 30.

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