Shemar’s sister relieved

“I feel better now. I am relieved because I saw a lot of things on the Internet that I really didn’t like,” was the reaction from Shemar’s sister Keandra Weekes to news of today’s post mortem result.

The 18-year-old, who is still very distraught over her brother’s death, said she was happy the autopsy was over and that all the speculation surrounding his death could finally be put to rest.

Keandra Weekes
Keandra Weekes

Speaking to Barbados TODAY from her New York residence, Keandra said the family could now proceed with plans for her brother’s funeral, which she intends to attend.

However, she could not give an exact date for his burial.

When contacted, Shemar’s mother Julianne Weekes declined to comment on either the autopsy or her son’s upcoming funeral.       

However, during a vigil held outside their home at the weekend the mother of the deceased 12-year-old boy broke down publicly for the first time since his tragic death on May 14 and had to be helped back into her home.

Before a gathering, which numbered about 70, and included close friends and relatives of the late Coleridge & Parry student who was found hanging in the backyard of home just over two weeks ago, loud sobs could be heard, drowning out the words of popular hymns, such as There’s a Friend For Little Children, Jesus Love the Little Children and When We All Get To Heaven — all carefully chosen for the 6 p.m. event held on Saturday in memory of the beloved young man, who residents contend has gone much too soon.

Shawna Husbands recited a moving poem entitled, To You From Yours, which read in part:

Don’t question, don’t fret/ Shed your tears, it’s okay, that’s your choice/Pain isn’t easy but deliverance is best/God knows, God watches,  God answers/

Try not to blame/Try not to hate/Forgive/Try to forget/Remember the good, don’t dwell on the bad/God didn’t fail, God heard, God answered/.

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10 Responses to Shemar’s sister relieved

  1. Gina Harewood
    Gina Harewood June 2, 2015 at 5:08 am

    My prayers and thoughts go to his family and friends RIP x young man

  2. Mac10 June 2, 2015 at 9:00 am

    And the result of the autopsy is…..??????

    A little hypocritical for friends, family & relatives to hold a vigil when they knew something was wrong in the household & did nothing to help the poor child!

  3. Alison White
    Alison White June 2, 2015 at 9:42 am

    Hmmmm wunna could talk from now till d end but I know someone will be held responsible for that child’s death…. 1000 French men could never be wrong…. Even if she in kill he…. I believe deeply she was part of the cause…and she has that to live with for the rest of her sad life…. St8888

  4. Charles Worrell June 2, 2015 at 12:28 pm

    This young man’s death at his own hands should cause us to stand upright and look again. Will we, I doubt it.
    That a kid and indeed an old lady could be experiencing situations that result in dire results without our incursion therein, speaks to what we have allowed to happen in our country. We have become separated and divorced from each other. Our cares are no longer the care of others; our needs are no longer the concern of our neighbors. Our lives are now being lived like those in larger countries whose resources have brought about an almost hateful attitude towards each other.
    How de we account for this descent into such callousness? How do we answer the why of our ‘new attitude’ that excludes our brothers and sisters? Oh yes, we have a ‘big’ house and live in a good area and so, we cant go back to dat. Our attitude to each other is the very attitude that we exhibit to the visitors to our country. We have passed laws to virtually separate parents from guiding their children; the neighborhood from intervening; the school from being involved and we unabashedly allow the social humanists to dictate where and what are necessary for our country, they themselves copying from the wider world and so, these events are but another exhibition of where we are and who we have become.
    We now think it is very much part of our development to have the world telling us to get in line with what’s happening in it; be part of the filth; be part of the selfish acquisition to the detriment of others and there remains no alternative to governing that would at least bring back some of what was and is important to this once beautiful island.

  5. nanci June 2, 2015 at 1:58 pm

    there’s a disconnect in this world today, and if the government dont provide or help out those who are less fortunate, that makes things even worse. Some people if they grow up and is fortunate enough to have a nice car, or live in a nice big house, they dont really care about the less fortunate, but I am yet to find out how people can show such disregard for people that have nothing to eat or drink. They will even ignore family members that are less fortunate, and continue to exist in a comfortable situation, it not only happens in the bigger countries, it is also happening in barbados. The government should set up somewhere where people that are homeless, abused kids and hungry kids can go and receive help, the autopsy said the boy was strangled, but I doubt he took his own life, something went wrong

  6. Tiony Waterman June 2, 2015 at 3:10 pm

    @nanci!!! I am not the greatest fan of this Bunch of Bozos that we have for a Government, but i will not and cannot agree with you that this Government or any future Government with the LIMITED Financial Resources that we have, would be able to do any more tha is being done Today for persons unfortunate or otherwise, the disconnect you speak of is evident all over the World, not only in Barbados, what Bajans must get over is this foolishness of being SHAME, because of the situation they find themselves in, and go to the Agency responsible for what ails them and seek help, like in this unfortunate case, people will talk if you do and if you dont.
    You Said that:-“”The government should set up somewhere where people that are homeless, abused kids and hungry kids can go and receive help”” there is already someplace like that in Barbados, its called “”THE WELFARE DEPARTMENT”” BARBADOS DOES HAVE A SAFETY NET, but it can only do so much, the old adage that “”It takes a Village to raise a Child”” Sadly is now no more, and therein lies some of the problems in Today’s Bajan Sociiety, we are NO longer our Brothers/Sisters keeper, it is now ALL FOR ME, and that is the SAD Reality.
    if there was anything devious about that Death, the Forensic Examination would have been able to ascertain it, would have been able to tell if it was Murder or Suicide, so please accept the results of the Forensic Exam, and please!!!move on, if you see anything in the future that in you opinion could lead to this same results please!!! Call someone, the Police, The Welfare Board, Someone/Anyone, be a part of the solution, don’t wait for the Government to be the all in all, as that will never happen, it simply is not Possible.
    May the Soul of Shemar Weekes rest in peace, and may he rise again someday in Glory with the Angels.
    Requiescat in pace (Pake)

  7. Ormond Mayers June 2, 2015 at 6:26 pm

    Something is wrong. Despite the cause of Shemar sudden demise, the poor kid action was motivated by certain factors.

    It will be interesting to hear the autopsy results.

    RIP Shemar. You are free from all the ills that caused you great distress.

  8. ch June 2, 2015 at 9:11 pm

    We are a quick-fix, band-aid society and we like to cover what is ugly rather than do the work to fix it. Other areas of concern must be addressed.
    First. The fact that an external specialist was required indicates deficits in our forensics department and we need to hear how this will be corrected.
    Second. Many serious allegations were made, in public, by the neighbours.
    But can we now conclude that there was no forensic evidence ( Xrays etc) to support earlier, non-fatal forms of abuse?
    As this would contribute to his state of mind and criminal culpability.
    So then, what is the legal position on adults who fail to report suspected child abuse ? Or those who make false allegations?
    Third, is there any legal or ethical requirement for the relevant social authorities to conduct a detailed evaluation of the home and the parent, particularly since there is another minor involved?
    What is the national action plan on child abuse and protecting our children and do we understand our roles in the home, the school, the church and the community? Do the authorities understand and fulfill their roles?
    We need to be pro-active rather than reactive and complacent. So that we go forward with the knowledge and resources we need to keep our children safe and whole.

    • Panwallie June 19, 2015 at 8:30 pm

      NO. Please do not conclude anything. Although he is gone because he was a minor, certain rights still had to be accorded. That is to say that some facts or findings might not/would not have been revealed, so just sit tight until the Coroner gets around to doing her job.


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