GospelFest lives up to expectations

A section of the audience during GospelFest Laughter and Jazz last night.

GospelFest Laughter and Jazz 2015 was all it was intended to be and more.

Patrons who attended the event at the Divi Southwinds Hotel last night were blessed in the first half with worship by Psalmist Samantha Gooden. Her voice was strong and well suited for the Jazz renditions which she performed with confidence.
Samantha Gooden was a confident performer
Phillip St. Hill the poet, comedian and dramatist followed and delivered an excellent comedy set.
Curtis Harewood played the sax into the hearts of Barbadians as he had them eating out of his hand, while Simon Lee blew soulfully with his two vocalists and had those in attendance clapping their hands rhythmically in appreciation.
Akintunde thoroughly entertained those in attendance
Akintunde’s 45 minute set was one of continuous jokes about the local food, driving around Barbados’ roundabouts and having a receding hair line among other topics. He closed with two songs that will ring in the ears of many for days to come as many joined singing about separating from chocolate cake and asking a receding hair line to come back home.


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  1. Patrick Blackman May 30, 2015 at 11:55 am

    Would love to get a tape of this event, really good stuff here.


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