It’s not a joke, warns NCPTA

The Barbados National Council of Parent-Teacher Association (NCPTA) is urging parents to be aware of the Charlie Charlie Challenge game craze attracting the attention of students.

President Shone Gibbs told Barbados TODAY that he has been receiving reports from concerned parents about the reportedly demonic game.

BNCPTA President Shone Gibbs asking for caution.
BNCPTA President Shone Gibbs asking for caution.

“All of us should be concerned about it. It is not a joke,” he said.

Gibbs said even though the game had gone viral in the past few days and was now receiving much national attention, the reality was that students might have been playing it for some time.

He said he was of the view that the country had a lot of work to do in sanitizing the schools, home and communities from this “evil force”.

“This is very harmful and wherever there are known incidences of it, persons need to definitely intercede at the spiritual level,” he said.

The father of a son strongly suggested that parents supervised their children’s activities on the internet, recognizing that the new game entered through social media.

He said while the NCPTA continued to emphasize the need for continuous parent education, guardians should begin monitoring their charges’ activities from within the home.

He also said parents must cultivate strong relationships with their children where any and every topic was up for discussion.

“And by being aware, you will be able to identify these things before the damage is done. We must really find ways that we can keep our children grounded and it can only happen through God,” Gibbs said.

“We need to get back our children in churches and we must not just drop them off, but we must also go with them, where they can live and learn what is godly and do what is right.”

One Response to It’s not a joke, warns NCPTA

  1. Patrick Blackman May 29, 2015 at 9:45 am

    What is so dangerous about this “game” sir? You have not provided and evidence to substantiate your claim. Because it flies in the face of your christain beliefs does not make it dangerous. As a society people have the right to choose their own beliefs not just to adhere to your or the church.

    Jesus died and was buried, he rose from the dead and now we whorship him, what is so different from what this game does? The are trying to communicate with the dead just as christains do only thing they don’t need the church to intercede for them. Stop making this crap into an issue, focus on the high dropout rate at schools, the lack of opportunities for school leavers, the violence in the schools, the elitist policies of the 11+ etc.


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