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Policeman accused of conspiracy to commit murder

GEORGETOWN –– The director of public prosecutions (DPP) has advised the police to charge a sergeant with conspiracy to commit murder. The advice stems from investigations into the murder of businessman Mohamed F. Khan.

This charge came through revelations by a prisoner who confessed to being offered money to kill Khan.

Mohamed F Khan
Mohamed F Khan

However, the DPP’s advice cleared a former assistant commissioner of police who was implicated in the plot to kill Khan.

Crime chief Leslie James yesterday confirmed that they did get advice on the matter.

“We are to proceed against one person. That much I can tell you,” James said.

The advice to charge the sergeant is a result of direct implication by whistleblower Lennox Wayne, who is currently in prison on another murder charge.

Giving dates and locations which are consistent with information provided by Khan before his death, Wayne admitted to being part of the plot to kill Khan, but denied that he actually committed the murder.

He could not give any information that led to the actual murder of the businessman.

Wayne could describe events that related to an earlier execution attempt on Khan three months before his dismembered remains were found at Cummings Lodge, East Coast Demerara.

Khan had survived an execution attempt last year July at La Grange, West Bank Demerara, when a gunman shot him in         the abdomen.

That gunman turned out to be Wayne.

Lennox Wayne
Lennox Wayne

In a three-page statement that this newspaper was able to obtain, Wayne claimed that on July 8 last year, he was contacted by the sergeant who told him that he had a job for him . . . someone wanted him to kill Mohamed Khan. He was to be paid $500,000.

According to Wayne, after staking out the businessman for a few hours, Wayne struck when Khan made a stop at La Grange.

“When we reached La Grange, I collected the equipment [weapon] from [name of policeman] and I end up rolling and I shot the man. After I shot him, he did not fall and die, he end up running and jump in a car. I left and ride away and [name of policeman] left and go behind him [Khan] at the station,” Wayne wrote in his statement.

Khan subsequently left Guyana and according to Wayne, that move delayed his death.

“He was to return to the station the next day after I shot him, but he left and went away. If he had returned to the station, I would have finished the job when he walking out of La Grange Station, because I was to collect a higher calibre weapon to do it; but Khan never showed up,” Wayne said.

But in August, Khan did return to Guyana to tie up some loose ends with his business regarding the sale of a high rise property on Hadfield Street where he previously operated a supermarket.

Wayne said that he received a telephone call on August 9 from the police sergeant who informed him that Khan was seen at his lawyer’s office on Hadfield Street. Wayne said that he was told to stake out the lawyer’s office to see when Khan was leaving. It was around 2 p.m. that Wayne spotted the target and informed the police sergeant.

He claimed that it was on this day, that he saw the retired assistant commissioner of police outside the lawyer’s office waiting  for Khan.

According to Wayne, the police sergeant subsequently pulled up with some other persons in a heavily tinted vehicle and they too waited for Khan to emerge.

When the businessman eventually left the lawyer’s office and boarded a taxi, the police sergeant followed him in his vehicle.

Wayne said that he was told to back off since “they told me they would take care of things from here”.

A detective close to the case stated that it was based on this evidence that the DPP advised that the sergeant be charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

The detective also informed that the retired assistant commissioner’s alibi was corroborated by several persons; hence there was insufficient evidence to link him to the plot.

However, another policeman will face disciplinary action for his role in the entire scheme.

This newspaper was informed that the policeman had received certain information from the informant but did not act on it.

The DPP has advised that further investigation be conducted in the matter.

Source: (Kaieteur News)

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