Football execs accused of bribery

the-fifa-officials-charged-with-corruption-1432725911815-master495Fifa executives accepted bribes to help secure the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the US Attorney General Loretta Lynch has said.

 Lynch was giving details of the US investigation into football’s governing body.

She also alleged bribery was involved in the 2011 election of Fifa’s president and the 2016 Copa Libertadores tournament.

Seven sports officials were arrested in Switzerland  during  an extraordinary early-morning operation.

As leaders of FIFA, soccer’s global governing body, gathered for their annual meeting, more than a dozen plainclothes Swiss law enforcement officials arrived unannounced at the Baur au Lac hotel, an elegant five-star property with views of the Alps and Lake Zurich. They went to the front desk to get room numbers and then proceeded upstairs.

The arrests were carried out peacefully. One FIFA official, Eduardo Li of Costa Rica, was led by the authorities from his room to a side-door exit of the hotel. He was allowed to bring his luggage, which was adorned with FIFA logos.

The charges, backed by an F.B.I. investigation, allege widespread corruption in FIFA over the past two decades, involving bids for World Cups as well as marketing and broadcast deals.

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  1. DAP May 27, 2015 at 1:22 pm

    Why do the United States always getting involved in things where big money is at.
    The price of oil drop so them in soccer where the money at.
    For years them have been doing it in track and field and them never investigate their own.


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