Fisherman family relieved

The family of Barbadian fisherman Noel Armstrong, who was missing for six days before being found adrift off the Grenadines island of Mustique by two Vincentian fishermen, expects to see him within the next 24 hours.

When Barbados TODAY visited the fisherman’s 5th Avenue Holders Land, Black Rock home this evening, his relieved sister Juliette Armstrong confirmed that the family was making arrangements for her 49-year-old brother’s return home either tonight or tomorrow.

Besides the Vincentian fishermen who rescued Noel, Juliette is thanking all those who aided in his search including the Barbados Coast Guard and the Black Rock Police Station. “We are really thankful and also to everybody who called,” she said.

Noel, a fisherman of about 39-years who was described as a “cool” individual with a strong love and knowledge of fishing and the sea, left his home about 5:30 a.m. last Thursday May 21. He collected his fishing boat the “Sea Cat” which was berthed at the Shallow Draft, and went out to sea for the usual half-day trip.

Juliette Armstrong
Juliette Armstrong

Juliette admitted that after three days passed without the family receiving any word about her brother’s whereabouts, she began to think that she would see him again. She said their 70-year-old mother, Athalene Armstrong, did not shed a tear for them to see but the related stress caused her to visit the doctor.

“It is only yesterday when the fella come and tell me that them find he, I started to feel better, because I am a sick woman too,” Juliette told Barbados TODAY.

She said the family was formally notified that Armstrong was missing last Thursday night when an official came to their home and informed them that Noel had not returned to shore.

“He does go out on mornings and come back in around 12 o’clock. So when I heard that, I feel like it was all over because he is the only brother I got. It would have looked really bad that he dead and gone long and I ain’t see which part he put or nothing so at all,” Juliette said.

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