Street party spoiled by the gun

Barbadians chose to celebrate yesterday’s bank holiday in different ways. But for hundreds of revellers wearing T-shirts and shorts, it was all about jamming to popular soca sounds and dancehall hits.

Approximately 550 colourful revellers, in three bands, showed what it means to have a good time in the heat of the sun and at times rain, as they partied for hours, marking the second annual Christ Church Carnival.

Spectators took up vantage points at windows and doors, in shops and on sidewalks, with adequate water and drinks to keep them cool. Mothers made sure to walk with their parasols and chairs to keep their little ones comfortable, some mums jumping up to shake a leg on hearing the infectious music.

They all just wanted to see the bands, which included the Christ Church East Trailblaizers that boasted 250 members and the Strikers And Below Rock Jammers with just over 200 revellers. Masqueraded Fantasies was also on the road with about 100 members.

These band members struck a pose.
These band members striking a pose.
Minister of Culture and Christ Church West Central MP Stephen Lashley taking part in the fun.
Minister of Culture and Christ Church West Central MP Stephen Lashley taking part in the fun.

Though along the Silver Sands Park to Wotton Playing Field route, a few invaders interrupted the bands, members had a good time wining down to the ground and shaking their bodies as the big party took place.

Alas, members of Christ Church East Trailblaizers did not make it all the way to Wotton –– at least not with music –– after gunfire was opened in the band just around 2 p.m at the corner of Durants and Lodge Road, resulting in two men, ages 17 and 27, having to be rushed to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital with gunshot wounds.

But this incident did not stop the after-party at Wotton. After much deliberation and consideration, organizers allowed the scheduled continuation of the carnival, pulling the curtains down just before nightfall.

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