Police probing robbery at Erdiston

Police are investigating the robbery at gunpoint of three Combermere students late this evening while at Erdiston Teachers College, Erdiston Hill, St Michael.

Combermere students have been temporarily relocated to Erdiston because of environmental issues at their Waterford,
St Michael school.

Reports are that the three six-formers were waiting for their parents after completing examinations when four young men including one boy in school uniform entered the college and one of the assailants produced a gun and demanded a tablet which the students were using.

An irate father of one of the students, who asked not be identified, told Barbados TODAY it was particularly upsetting that there was no security at Erdiston despite the loneliness of the location and the presence of children taking examinations late into the evening.

One Response to Police probing robbery at Erdiston

  1. Ben Hurley May 23, 2015 at 1:48 pm

    I am very sorry that the six formers had to go through being robbed, I hope they will get help to deal with what has happened to them and it doesn’t have any lasting affects on them, The one thing they can be thankful for is that they are alive and no one was hurt because a tablet can be replaced but a life can’t be replaced.


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