No stopping Hypasounds

For nine years, Hypasounds has been putting out that sweet-feel, good soca music; and he has no intention of stopping.

Real name Damien Etienne, Hypasounds believes that soca music is “life”, and he cannot imagine living without it.

Crop Over means a lot. Being a street deejay and coming into soca, Crop Over brings me happiness. It brings a certain vibe; you get to party; have fun; and meet new people. And the music is what causes all of this,” the 32-year-old said.

Hypasounds: this year  he is focused  on improving his work and his brand.
Hypasounds: this year
he is focused on improving his work and his brand.

In an interview with Bajan Vibes, Hypasounds said that over the years it had been a natural progression and he liked the way this had been going for him. The artiste, songwriter, deejay, producer, studio engineer and proud father of one said his main aim was entertaining the fans.

“Music is all I know; sweetness is all I know; and I just love entertaining. People followed me from being a deejay straight into soca. And they keep giving me the love,” he said, adding that he was in the Crop Over business for the long haul.

But while he has been enjoying the fruits of his labour, and travelling the globe performing his sweet soca music, things have not been all rosy for this down-to-earth artiste. He has experienced his fair share of disappointment. But he has learnt to “deal with it”.

As much as the public loves his music, and as much as he works his hardest at improving, he is yet to raise a trophy from competition in the Sweet Soca and Party Monarch only ever making it as far as a reserve in the Finals.

“I have been doing this for nine years. In 2006, I was really heartbroken with my first song. Sometimes with the soca you would be a little disappointed; and not advancing in the competitions, it could go against you because promoters overseas looking to book what/who is happening in Barbados; he is not interested in who is underrated.

“He is going to get on the Internet and Google the top five events and the competitions in Barbados. So if you don’t fit that category, that could be an offset for you; but sometimes the music speaks for itself,” Hypasounds explained.

But this does not stop him from producing consistently good music. This Crop Over is no different. He is bringing two songs, which he says he knows will do well.

Hypasounds performing at last week's Cavalcade Mega-launch.
Hypasounds performing at last week’s Cavalcade Mega-launch.

“This Crop Over 2015 is about pushing the brand Hypasounds some more. Widening the fan base, bringing that sweet music that everyone loves. I have two songs for the Crop Over: Sugar Rush and How She Like It. Sugar Rush was written by Shaft from Trinidad. How She Like it was written by me,” he revealed.

Hypasounds said this year he was focused on himself and further improving his work and his brand.

“The thing is about the brand I’m trying to build. I don’t want to put it in one category. But I did start out in a tent. I just deal with the shows and get attached to the people.

“I will be judging for Party Monarch and Sweet Soca this year for sure though,” he said.

The now seasoned artiste offered some advice to the younger ones who were considering a serious career in the industry.

“You have to know how you want to brand yourself, and know that it is a lot of investment whether time or money. Understand where you want to go in the industry, and then when you’re recording, make sure you put the best song out because you can’t call back a track,”

And when he is not on stage, Hypasounds admitted, he is just a down-to-earth person who loves spending time with his
seven-year-old daughter.

Hypasounds with fellow soca artiste, Peter Ram.
Hypasounds with fellow soca artiste, Peter Ram.

“I’m just the cool relaxed type. Like to spend a lot of time with my daughter and do fun things. Just a normal person, really. Like to kick back.

“She is a big fan of the music. Spends some time with me in the studio; she even records me sometimes,” he said.

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