Our women must raise the bar, says McClean

An ex-diplomat and former political candidate for the ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP) is concerned that more young women seem to be appearing before the law courts and on police wanted lists.

Leroy McClean, who is also the former Consul General to Toronto and the DLP candidate for St George South in 1991 and St Michael North East in 1994, voiced these concerns while addressing the monthly meeting of the St Michael South branch of the ruling party over the weekend.

McClean, who also recently served as the head of the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation and is presently the Executive Chairman of the Barbados Agricultural Credit Trust, said: “I am very concerned that we are seeing more and more of our young women before the law courts   of Barbados.”

He further acknowledged that, “Recently, I saw some [women] on the police wanted list”,  as he warned that, “If the women of society ‘go bad’, the whole society is in trouble”.

McClean recalled that while attending a Caribbean Commonwealth Parliamentary Group meeting some time ago, he had presented the argument that it was not only a case of men in crisis, but also a case where to a large extent women were responsible.

He argued that if women lowered the “bar”, men would not do more than was necessary to get over the “bar”.

Dr Leroy McClean
Leroy McClean

“Every man wants a particular type of woman. If he has to wear clean clothes, must have a job, and he must live a certain way to get that woman, he will do it.

“If the woman is satisfied that he does not have to bathe [and] he could walk around anyhow, that is what he will do. So if women keep the bar up, the men will strive to get over the bar,” he explained.

Noting that the women in any society were intrinsically caregivers, the former Senator recalled the adage: The hand that rocks the cradle rules the nation.

McClean said: “ Regardless of what we as men believe, there are certain things that a man cannot do for his children. There is an element of care a woman can provide and no matter what a man does, he cannot provide it. That is the nature and the make-up of us. We are different and we have to ensure that we use those differences to make a better world. So our women have got to start putting more pressure on us men.”

Noting that there was a time when underwear was underwear,  McClean lamented the fact that not only men were exposing their underwear in public, but also women. He also bemoaned the fact that many cases of school girls fighting were being broadcast on social media.     

5 Responses to Our women must raise the bar, says McClean

  1. Cynthia Blackman
    Cynthia Blackman May 20, 2015 at 9:53 am

    It is sad … really Sad

  2. Rawle Maycock
    Rawle Maycock May 20, 2015 at 12:42 pm

    Everything got bad under your government.

  3. Marcia Clarke May 20, 2015 at 2:03 pm

    It is very difficult to maintain high standards in society these days.You might end up scrubbing floors for a living.

  4. Maxine Hutchinson May 20, 2015 at 4:46 pm

    Marcia Clarke, it is better to scrub floors for a living than to sell oneself in private of public prostitution. When women sell themselves in private (entering a sexual deal with a man who may have “more money than he can spend”) or public prostitution, they are immediately possessed with demons of all sorts which cause them to go further into a life that can be likened to being a ship on the sea without a compass.

    Every man with whom you lay leave the spiritual residue of all his partners and you also leave the residue of all your partners thus far. Jesus saw the residue of all the men with whom the woman at the well had been sexually involved over time. Now that you have been made aware of the results of a life of prostitution, go and sin no more! If you have to scrub floors do so while focusing on ownership of not only your floor but a thriving legal business of your own some day! Women of olden days had scrubbed floors but many of them were not “hand to mouth”, they saved their money and at their death, the families were able to settle their funeral fee and still have much left over to manage as it pleased them!

  5. Marcia Clarke May 20, 2015 at 10:30 pm

    OMG…Wait….Not so fast. I said maintaining high standards is extremely difficult today and you could end up scrubbing floors by trying to maintain the high standards we keep. Would it make a difference if I had said that you might be referred for an evaluation?


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