COW backing waste haulers

As they await word from the Government on their demands that the contentious $25 per tonne tipping fee be scrapped, waste movers and haulers are getting strong support from one of the largest quarry businesses in Barbados.

A spokesman for C.O. Williams Construction told Barbados TODAY this afternoon, management had taken the position to give the “fellows” 100 per cent support.

The top official of the Lears Quarry operation, who did not want to be identified by name, also expressed hope of a speedy resolution.

Meanwhile, the lead spokesman for the Waste Movers and Waste Haulers Group, Charles Read, said today a work stoppage, which is now into its second week, was continuing.

Anderson Cherry, one of the most vocal campaigners against the $25 per tonne fee, also said the movers and haulers were hoping to hear from the Government within the next few days.

Anderson Cherry

“I expect to hear back from Government within the next couple of days. I’m waiting with great expectation,” the Managing Director of Jose y Jose Liquid & Solid Waste Management Inc. told Barbados TODAY.

His comments followed yesterday’s meeting with Minister of the Environment Dr Denis Lowe, after which the truckers revealed that they were moving towards a workable solution.

They had also indicated then, that they would have to meet with members before deciding whether to end their strike.

Asked if the operators had submitted the required information to the Government, Cherry replied: “I believe the team would have played their part as they always do.

“So we will wait on Government . . . [as] we have been for quite a while.”

He thanked the public for its support, while stating that the private operators were fighting for the good of all Barbadians.

“We are hoping to have this whole thing resolved in the best interest of the country and to see Barbados going forward in the best way,” Cherry said.

He admitted that it was a “very hard stand” to take, while noting that in the midst of the strike, fire had damaged his offices in the Belle causing him great distress.

“I am dealing with my personal issues because I have been hit very hard, and I will try to get the office back up as soon as possible,” he said, adding, “It is pretty tough on me emotionally and it really stressed me out.” 

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