Junior Monarch 8-12 semifinalists named

Reigning 8-12 Junior Monarch king, Raanan Hackett.

The annual Junior Monarch competition got underway last night with the preliminaries being held at the Queens Park Steel Shed.
It was the time for the 20 8-12 hopefuls to shine and try to secure their spot in the semifinals.
Advancing to the semis are: Dondria Forde, Emari Browne Star Browne, Asher Dynamo Murrell, Keonni Keke Boo Walker, Asha Sugar Apple Holder, Donesha Triple D Davis, Kiara Star Diamond King, Keiasha Sunshine Yearwood, Sarai Burrowes, Sonya Straughn, Seth Seth K Knight and Fiona Starburst Ifill. Reserve is Trazelle J’Tanya Alleyne.

They will be seeking to dethrone reigning champion Ranaan Hackett
The 13-18 semifinalists will be announced later tonight when the elders in the competition have their time in front the judges. (DB)

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